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Pixel Imperial Armour

By SteelJoe
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WWT: Pershing Tank (Moving) 
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Wait, I thought the banesword had a fixed hull gun? As in, it couldn’t rotate, only point forwards and turn a couple of degrees to the right and left

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AND YOU ARE TELLING ME YOU HAVEN'T MADE A WH40K SANDBOX BATTLE SIM WITH THESE YET? This is amazing stuff, I've seen it all over, and you've made so much, it's just really awesome.

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Nice to see the Valhallans getting some love.
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WOWOWOWOOWOWOW, now drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword! ^O^

Props as hell to you SteelJoe for this immense accomplishment with all your finesse and epic grand scale in your pixel work.  Cannot imagine the time and dedication it takes to capture every close and chunky feel of every weapon and ever tank, but props by Emperor on what you craft and just how alive this all feels.

Your eye for detail is just insane, please don't ever stop creating these. o0o

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Good work Remembrancer. Ave Imperator.
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THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That was a heck of a drive by!
My my you're a beast
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That's how Imperial Guards need this one, instead of swarming and dying at the same time for more than 9000, they should just ride a tank and do some roadkilling orks
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Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!
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This is amazing, I can hear and feel the image. Always liked the punisher variant, and you got a taurox too! The detail in this is great - keep up the good work! 
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This. Is. AWESOME.
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war thunder in nutshell
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My thoughts.. xD
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,,Note: build a door at the left and the right side of the baneblade or buy a bigger/longer sword !"
Awesome all round. I really like this bit of art, reminds me of my own forces... though there's just one issue. The strange hybrid Baneblade/Banesword, you've got a baneblade chassis with the gun and casemate of a Banesword, which can't normally turn its gun. Don't get me wrong the effect is super cool, it's just a little strange looking.
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this looks like metal slug
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