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Pixel Edge of Space

This is just some of the art i made for the game :spaceman: 
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about to check this game out :D
Please contact me
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Ok. ITs official. You've made many, and I mean many great animations. But this? This takes the prize in my opinion.
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Hohoholy sheet!!!!!!! I need to learn how you do dis
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Holy hell this is cool
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Playing starbound with mods in a nutshell
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I truly appreciate the jetpack shark.
Look forward to learning about your game!
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THis is really cool! DO you think we could do an art trade?

You can find an example of my art here:…
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What game is this for? This has really gotten me interested.
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How draw like this?
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I'll probably look like an asshole after saying this
but the 1 eyed turtle and flying crab are out of sync with the rest of the animation
they teleport
But the fact the you drew ALL THIS and ANIMATED ALL THIS and put ALL THIS TOGETHER
is astonishing! I mean, dude, you're godly at pixelart =O
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haha no no good eye, yeah i didnt sync then right ;p and thank you :thumbsup:
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well, wouldn't lie  this picture looks bad ass  
amazing work :D (Big Grin) 
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Dude, this is amazing!
How long did it take to make all this?
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id say a hour or two each with just the walk/run ainmation made :D
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This is amazing. I love the amount of detail and the overall look to this. How much time did you spend on this?
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i think maybe 6 hours for each creature, with all the animations (walking, idling, attack, etc) bosses take alittle more :D 
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That's impressive! Great work :3 I can't believe pixel art can be so complex - you take it to a completely different level from anything I've seen before.
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Watashi wa chō kawaī same o aishi

Kore wa nihongo de kaka remashita

Watashi wa anata no ōku ga kore o hon'yaku shiyou to shite iru ndarou

Watashi wa watashi no seikatsu no naka de yatte imasu
SteelJoe's avatar
ah domo :D

Gomennasai, nihongo wa hotondo shirimasen. ;p
AskUsToday's avatar
somehow it wont translate
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