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Pixel Advance Warhammer 40K

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A lot of the goofy looking 40k vehicles really look like they belong in a strategy game like advance wars. It's why I love the marine stormtalon gunship, it looks like a battle copter so much

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I can already see that Ork CO's powers...I figure they're called 'Git Finda' and 'WAAAGH! Shout'.

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Incredible, a game we all need I think!

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can I pls have the sprites? I really want them for well my project that I'm going to do
FireArchon's avatar

Oh Emperor & Omnissiah, Yes please!

Seriously, somebody crowdfund this like yesterday (With GWs permission) methinks it would be very popular.

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If this was an actual game, you can expect the biggest Wagh to come from me

I wonder if someone could make this into a mod from the Nintendo game Advance Wars Series.
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Sadly nintendo's modern consoles/handhelds are pretty unfreindly towards modders. The most you usualy get is simple stuff like cheats. It would probably be better or remake it from scratch on a PC or something.
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Yeah It would be, just don't see it happening ;w;

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I would play this game over and over again if this was actually real
true TheDreamonXonos.  How true.
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I never knew I needed this.
I need this.
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This looks amazing.

I wish this was real.  To bad Nintendo won't ever do it.
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You know nintendo isn't the only people who make video games? Or like, that you, right now, could just make this game? You don't have to be some magical company like nintendo or sony or microsoft or y'know any of them.

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I want to play this plz.
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ive never wanted something so bad- great work
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Too bad this isn't a mod or something
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I would play the heck out of this
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this needs to happen. Someone get on this
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we need this game...i'm throwing money to the screen...but nothing happens...please!! Worship 
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