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By steelgohst
The text around the top reads:

Leviathan, sotto 'l cui impero molte imprese,
van senza tempo sciolte da Fortuna,
vide Morte su 'l carro orrenda e bruna,
volger fra quanta gente al mondo prese.


Leviathan under whose Empire many deeds,
go without Time and without Fortune,
saw ugly and dark Death on a Chariot,
going between the people it took away from the World.

Inspired by Hellraiser and created in photoshop.

Check my gallery for other Hellraiser inspired boxes.
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I have the ring with this box
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I always though it be cool to do a mini-serieson youtube and base it around the Hellraiser stories. Have a detective following the lead of the death of a loved one to find out that the box is leaving a trail of murder behind it.

And use your pictures would make great clues left behind at the scene of the "crimes"
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I want that thing!!! :drool:
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ask the pyramid gallery for it and you never know.... [link]
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i love hellraiser!
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That one's cute...
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