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The Zosimus Documents

By steelgohst
Zosimus the Immortal [link]
The construct of eternal agony [link]

early in 2007 squatters in the vacated home of N.G. found concealed in a wall a sealed case containing several documents relating to a box hitherto undocumented.

After a failed attempt to use the documents as a blackmail device which cost the squatters their lives, the documents passed through several LeMarchand researchers hands before being obtained by the Pyramid Gallery in late November.

Although somewhat water damaged the documents are still clearly legible and consist of memos referring to various scientific probings of the box, photographs of the box itself ( [link] ), photocopies of what could be LeMarchands design notes and typed transcripts from LeMarchands own journals.

It would appear that the beginnings of this new construct lie In 1759, when Philip LeMarchand was staying in the New York home of James Ryan, a Fellow freemason who had been pressured into offering his home to Lemarchand by the Royal Arch Mason in New York.
LeMarchand was awoken in the middle of the night by a presence in his room...

from Lemarchands Journal -

" I am not accustomed to being disturbed from my rest and am not likely to take kindly to it. The fact that this person had had the impudence to enter my bedchamber in the dead of night meant that their chances of survival until morning had been greatly reduced. I reached for the lantern by my bed with one hand and my blade with the other, excited by the thought of killing this impudent intruder, when the light shone across his face.
For a moment the illumination seemed to avoid him, striking the floor and the wall but shying away from his form as if the light itself were a sentient thing and was afraid, but as I moved forward with blade raised the light seemed to slide greasily and slowly across the dark rags he wore until it reached his face, where for the briefest of moments he appeared shrivelled and dessicated like a corpse taken from the Egytian desert and displayed in a museum; then the light illuminated him fully and I saw a strong young man of around 20 years, a short life, to be sure, as I thrust my sword through his stomach to end it.
To my surprise and indignation, he did not die, but removed the sword in a manner suggesting weariness; and with a voice that like his appearance began crackled and desicated yet gained strength with each word, he introduced himself as 'Zosimus'and informed me that, for a price, he could teach me the secret of eternal life.
I am not without humour and found this to be greatly amusing; little would I know the wonders he was to make me privy to, although his reasons were unusual, to say the least"

According to Lemarchands Journals and later research by N.G., Zosimus was a Greek alchemist, born in the second century A.D. who wrote an encyclopedia of 28 tomes comtaining much of what is known today of mummification and ancient mathematical formulae, and the discoverer of the elixir that grants immortality. The great extention of his life had taken its toll however, and after over 1500 years of unnantural existence he had become increasingly alienated by the world as it changed around him. All he had onced loved was now gone, and now he lived in the shadows, lonely and fearful of a time he could not understand and could never be part of, yet he had found that he was incapable of death. Many methods of self destruction he had tried, only to be dragged screaming back to the world, his soul ever more tortured and his existence ever more one of perpetual agony despite having the external appearance of youth and vitality.
Then he had learned of LeMarchand, and seen in him the possibility of the death he so yearned for.
In return for granting him death, he offered the great knowledge of his art and the blackest of arcane rites from the many cultures he had seen pass.

For several months LeMarchand toiled with Zosimus and learned from him secrets that no other had ever known, and many of these secrets he poured into his creation - when the box was almost complete LeMarchands treacherous nature showed itself.

"Zosimus had shown me all he knew and the time of his reward was at hand, but my device was still missing a component essential to its workings and from Zosimus this piece was taken. With my blade I severed his head, and with his still living eyes staring at me and his soundless mouth forming curses, I cut from his struggling body his heart; black and dry inside his youthful form it was and it crackled as it beat in my hand.
Upon its removal his body showed its true form, shrivelling like a spider in a flame to a husk as his eyes turned to dust and the hair fell from his blackened leather skinned skull; but his spirit lived still in the beating organ I held, I had only to return it to the body to restore him, But, as I said, my box was missing a piece, so into its core I put the heart with its agonised spirit locked within and sealed it."

From the scientific documents it would appear, although not conclusively, that the box does indeed contain some form of oganic matter, and furthermore that it would appear to be generating some small measure of detectable heat. Is this the heart of zosimus the immortal, or are the writings just those of an insane murderer and toy maker? With the wherabouts of the box and its owner currently unknown, we may never know.

Inspired by Hellraiser and made entirely in photoshop - see my gallery for other hellraiser related art.
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