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The Twin

By steelgohst
Over the many years that LeMarchand was active in his work It is the considered opinion of LeMarchand scholars that several hundred boxes were created, many of which remain to be unearthed, having been cherished heirlooms passed from generation to generation by families who often have no idea of what they hold, or hidden from others who covet them or perhaps in many cases buried or thrown into lakes and oceans by those trying to escape them.. it is thought that no-one has yet dared try to destroy one for fear of what might be unleashed.
With so many boxes in circulation it is common for different scholars research to clash, although in the vast majority of cases some key piece of information eventually turns up to prove or disprove one or other of the theories being put forward.
The hollow Heart [link] seems so far to be the exception to this rule. Despite several years of work by researchers around the world, neither of the two histories put forward can be categorically disproven. Both have seemingly solid evidence in their favour and cannot be disproved, leading to a third theory.

In the epilogue of 'Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years` there is a very famous quote:

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, HOWEVER IMPROBABLE, must be the truth."

Here we have two histories for the hollow heart.
Both come from impeccable sources.
Both appear to be the truth.
This leaves only one possibility... there must be two "Hollow Hearts"

Work is now progressing to try and find the missing twin.


We have received a somewhat battered photograph from a researcher who followed a trail to the island of St. Eustatius near to Puerto Rico - the photograph is of a box which would appear to be the Twin Of the Hollow Heart.

The Twin itself has yet to be found, but the photograph that confirms its existence was found in the cellar of a small and unofficial church in Oranjestad. Our Agent had been following a trail she believed would lead to the truth behind the Hollow Heart when she received an anonymous tip off in the form of a hand written note which she found in her coat pocket upon leaving a local bar - it said simply:

"You don't understand. they never understand. what you seek is not all that is, and all that is, is more than you can know"

there followed an address and a warning;

"Only if you understand fully what is at risk should you proceed further. There is more to be lost than mere flesh."

after sending us the photograph, our agent failed to check in with us again. So far we have not been able to locate her.

Our research department places the age of the photograph to be around 1975.
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