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Peters Lament v2- by Steelgohst

By steelgohst
I heard the screams of the torn ones first, the delicious, wet screams of the tortured and suffering, spilling through my mind like boiling blood, tearing at the flesh of my reality like wild feral beasts, their hooks and blades and chains slashing at the tenous, yet nearly indistructable fabric seperating their realm from ours, until the hole was wide enough for me to hear their unspeakably beautiful voices speaking with rich honeyed tones through the slit they had forced open in my mind.
The time was close, they told me. My next box would be a new lament configuration, more powerful than any of my previous boxes and leaving only one final creation to rival N.G.'s 'Seraphim' and finally open the way for them into the world once more. And on that day, I would be granted a place at their side to help them teach the world of the pleasures to be found through the desecration of the flesh.
Then they were gone and I found myself in my bed once more my wife snoring gently by my side.
But clear in my mind were the plans.. I knew exactly the shapes to be crafted, the ancient texts to be written on its sides, and I knew from where the blood would come to stain the wood, from whose flesh the fat that its inner workings would be boiled in would be taken from. This box would require more sacrifice than the others.
My wifes beautiful screams echoed in the soundproofed room, the one I had created below our home without her knowledge, where the tools slept and the blood flowed, where many before had met their end. I told her that a great time was coming, that she would be a great part of it, that her soul would know great pleasures in leviathans realm, as I gave her a taste of the wonders to come.
AFter the pleasure, the work began. The blood was collected and the wood submerged in it to soak, while I went about the difficult task of removing the fat. I started with a scalpel, but soon discovered that it came away more easily with a serrated bread knife, so I tore the chunks free and placed them in a pot to ferment until liquid, so the components could be purified in its boiling.
I loved her, let there be no mistake, and I took great pleasure from knowing her role in the future of the world.
N.G. knows I am coming
N.G. knows that Leviathan follows with me.
Let battle commence.

inspired by hellraiser - made in photoshop
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