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Box of grief - distress confi

By steelgohst
Now a real bpx - [link]

"LeMarchands Companion" [link]
Physical description: Mahogany base with face panels of brass - each panel has a distressed finish

Perhaps the greatest find of modern times, this is the sister box to the now famous - or perhaps more accurately infamous, "Box of Sorrows" (Lament Configuration).

The box of Grief was thought only to be a rumour until the book collection of satanist Alistair Crowley was sold at private auction, bringing to light the only known copy of "LeMarchands Dreams" [link] , a book which lists the known works of LeMarchand from his earliest period. It contains a section devoted to the box of grief and states that it was created at the same time and with the same materials as the Box of Sorrows but never intended for sale.
LeMarchand reputedly kept this box about his person at all times and was once seen stroking and speaking softly to it, in the words of the witness "as if it were the most beauteous of women"
the book also contained, sandwiched between its pages and the back cover, an approximately 100 year old photograph of an unknown young woman [link] holding the box, this effectively proved the existence of the distress configuration and set in motion the search to find it.

The current owner of the box , known only as N.G., put up a reward of £2 million to whoever found the Box of Grief and delivered it safely to him - this lead to the creation of numerous forgeries, many of which still circulate amongst collectors. According to those who have held the true box however, there is no mistaking it. One collector allowed to view the box at the home of N.G. had this to say of it:

"As soon as one enters the same room as LeMarchands Companion, one senses her presence... indeed, I had the unnerving sensation that she sensed my presence also. N.G. was kind, or perhaps vicious enough to let me hold her, an experience I shall never forget - Were I 40 years younger I very much doubt that I would have allowed her to be taken back from me. The rush of jealous hatred and bloodlust that I felt as N.G. prised her from my frail fingers was most exhilarating and by far the most powerful sensation I had felt in my life to that date. My nights since that day have been filled with dreams of her and the secrets she whispered to me, my days filled with the grief of her loss I felt that day as she was taken from me.. it is just as well for him that N.G. went into hiding after my visit.
He cannot hide forever. My men will find him. I shall take her back."

The location of N.G. and LeMarchands Companion remain unknown.
Inspired by Hellraisers "Box of Sorrows" and made in entirely in photoshop by Steelgohst

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Thats intense! You have more imagination than most of the writers that have worked on the hellraiser series for sure
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I love the stories you build into each of your offerings. This is a great series, even if you only look at the legend you are building. Everyone of these has someone asking, "Is this real?" What a rush.
steelgohst's avatar
glad you like them ;-) - I try and link them all together so if you were to read them all in order they have a story that leads somewhere - eg, - the egnigmatic N.G in this story pops up again and turns out to be the Capt. Nathan Green from the story of 'Magdelenes undoing' [link] who didnt die that night but went on to have his own story that is hidden amongst the histories of several other boxes.. a brief sum up can be found here - [link] - actually, I'm about to upload perhaps the final chapter in ng's story, so watch my page!
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the reminds me of pandora's box
amentina202's avatar

Reminds me painfully of the television show "Alias." They had an artifact on there that looked almost exactly like that. </offtopic>
timeandconfusion's avatar
wow, great photoshopping!
OK, as the biggest Clive Barker fan on earth, this includes you, I have to ask: Is this Barkers muse or is he yours? I have not researched this as it never occurred to me that it may be real at any level, so I have to ask: Based on fact? Please reply...
steelgohst's avatar
Thanks! Are you a hellraiser fan? Have you read the books of blood - for me the collection is Barkers Magnum Opus...Let me know.
lady-atropos's avatar
most strange - is this fiction or truth?
ShadedRain's avatar
I love the stories you put with these.
steelgohst's avatar
Thanks :-) just updated the backstory for "Magdalenes Undoing" if you're interested! [link]
godimas's avatar
That kicks ass dude. I thought that the box that was used in the Hellraiser series was just somehting made up. Didn;t know it was actually real. I want it!
steelgohst's avatar
got some bad news for you - it was made up... as is mine. sorry! I think.
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lol, i'm all sad now. Oh well.
lopsidedsoul's avatar
That's bad@ass!!
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