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Magister's GAmbit EPILOGUE

EPILOGUE Earthmotes surround 3 flying enclaves which in turn float surround a larger enclave in a sky  of a long forgotten demiplane. Spires from the 4 flying cities rise up from each city  sporting the long forgotten banners of Halruuaa. The Populace of each enclave go about their business as a woman sits high in a spire looking into a crystal ball. Watching two humans and an elf leave the town of Wayward  by a magic teleportation circle, the woman complains of boredom. "Well Aishia my friend, that is one artifact from ancient times that Netheril won't get its shadowy claws on," the wizard states as a stately looking wizard enters the room


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Magister's Gambit part 5

Strange things happen because someone got out of bed than staying in bed-Feran Guide to Xeroth'd caravan 300 DR ??  1479 The souls, celestials and other beings that inhabit Mercuria go about their business as the angel Wandering Mercy enters the second level of Celestia with a soul from the Fugue plane bound for Ilmater.   Reaching the Crying God's domain, Wandering Justice lands within a stone shrine inside Martyrdom escorting the soul of the deceased Avenger Veark.  Releasing the soul outside the ring, Wandering Justice points towards the east and says," Veark, Ilmater waits you in that direction," and then flies off. Reaching the presen

Magister's Gambit

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