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Akaito Shimeji (.zip DL)

By SteelDollS
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I didn't make the original shimeji. It can be found and downloaded here:…

All I did is recolor and edit it a little bit to make it Akaito. This is my first attempt at a shimeji. These are just the img files; paste them into your preferred shimeji or shimeji-ee program to make them work. The habanero pepper was free clipart I found at some point somewhere and edited in GIMP to work with the shimeji. There wasn't an Akaito shimeji anywhere I could find yet, so there you go. ^^;

A shoutout to my cute "little sis" Tsukiko Kanzaki, and her love of Akaito :3
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since i'm new to this i got one kaito on my desktop but this one doesn't seem to exist anymore. and the site on tumblr most of the shimejis are either private or no longer exist.
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If you look to the right of the screen, there is a download button for this shimeji. It has a green arrow on and says "Download".

You didn't ask a question, so I'm actually not really sure what you're asking for. But if you need help, feel free to let me know!

If I remember right, Shimeji Resource got a new website address around... 6 months ago? I love Kaito shimejis >//w//< :heart: But I think the old one (I referenced it above, back in 2015) probably still works too, for most stuff. If you do a search you can find the new address easily otherwise.
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Where can I get the "shimeji-ee" program

I must have this redheaded child
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I think I got my version from here…
because the URL is in my bookmarks, but I'm not sure.

You will need Java to run it if it's not already on your computer (it might already be), too. Which you can get here

Let me know if you get it working! It took me a while to figure out but once it runs then it's real simple.
._. why i can't download ?
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Did you press the download button? ._.;
I don't know why, but maybe you can take a screenshot of what happens.
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is there any certan website u have to be on for this to work?
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No, it works on your PC as long as you have Java and the shimeji-ee program installed. Have you used shimejis before? I can try to help if you are new to running them on your desktop and aren't sure how they work.
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F*** don't have PC. And I have one shimeji for decent but I took it off for now thnx
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I think there is a mac version

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Deviantart not decent
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I love Akaito 
but I open this and it just had images
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Yeah, that's why it says it's just the images. Do you need help figuring out how to put them into a shimeji program? I use shimeji-ee for mine.

Unfortunately, I can't put the exe program into my stash since DA doesn't permit .exe files to be bundled into zips on this site, so the program part of the shimejis has to be downloaded separately. But I'll try to help you walk you through it if you need help :D
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I was just wondering if I put em into an existing image folder will they work
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Yeah, but you have to paste it the right way.

With the shimeji program I use (a shimeji-ee one, since my computer is set up for English language) what I do is open the folder that says "img" and create a new folder within the "img" folder with the name of the shimeji. In this case, I named the folder "Akaito". Then I paste the images into that file folder (Akaito).

The result is something like:
C: > Shimeji-ee_1.0.3_Mischievous > img > Akaito
where > represents a folder inside a folder

Then, when I double-click on the behavior program (the shimeji program's .exe file), it loads the options for my shimejis, so I can choose one or multiple shimeji to drop onto my screen. (Just make sure you have Java downloaded onto your computer, since that's what they run off of.)

And that's it.

If you use a Japanese shimeji program, you may need to rename the image files for it to work. All shimeji programs depends on the names of each image file to be an exact match to what it looks for.

Let me know if you need further help or got it working! ^^ My favourite shimeji program is the "mischievous" behavior. This one lets them be more rambunctious like climbing up stuff instead of just walking back and forth across your screen like "calm" behavior does. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I might have gotten my program from here:…

Here's a site that has some instructions with pictures about installing:…

But I'm not sure about downloads from that site if you need java, you'd probably want to get it from directly. It's a free download.
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I love Akaito!
It's my favorite character ♥
Thank you for bothering to edit, I download it! 

Sorry for my english, i'm spanishYou Smile Icon 
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I love Akaito too, he's a great character! ♥ I love him running around my screen with all the lil Kaitos XD Thanks!
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Akaito OMG!!! saves me finishing my one thank you
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O no, do yours too ;o; I want IT DX

*temper tantrums like a child* :V
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yeess just downloaded Kaito, now Akaito too!
btw how do you upload zip/rar files on DA?
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Well, there's so freaking much I don't know how to do on DA, but to upload zip/rar files, I just drag and drop them into the box that loads when you click "Submit Art" at the top of your DA page. Then once the file transfers, it'll usually prompt you for a cover image, which you drag and drop in exactly the same way when/if it prompts you. Then you just give it a title, give it a category, click to rate it mature or not mature, and hit submit to submit it to your stash like any other artwork.

Hope this helps! ^^
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