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...our musics resonate.
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My Bio
Sometimes I write stuff.

My Vocaloid fanfiction works are archived on and/or under the same username; SteelDollS. Some are dark, some are pure, unadulterated plotless fluff, and a small portion are me being a giant, cheeky douche with intentionally terribly written pieces of majestic crapola.

I am also sometimes on google plus (username Argh Argh), and I hoard many Kaito things on playlists on youtube. Especially cute, sexy, topless Kaito things. Oh Kaito, how are you so delicious, sexy, and wonderful? I love you so much.

I believe in helping each other when things are hard. I don't believe in people who rely on hysterical drama, rather than on seeking out and learning greater accuracy, so that they can be true to themselves better. We're supposed to be here to help each other, not become precious snowflakes. We will never be perfect, but trying might get us somewhere at least.

Feel free to chat me up. (If you want to make sure I see a thing, please tag or note me.)

Also- I will eventually keep writing. In between shitposting I promise ;3;

I discovered you can add stamps here. Enjoy a plethora of them ._.

Look at mah stamps STAMP by Albino-Broccoli Kaito small gif 1 by jag2583

KAITO stamp by medli Kaito Stamp 2 by Oylnum Kaito Stamp by erikagrace303 Stamp - Vocaloid: Kaito by Suxinn Kaito Stamp by Maggy-Neworld

Kaiko by just-stamps V3 Kaito stamp by Kurai-Kogami24 f2u ! Gakupo X Kaito Squishy Icons by zomgO3O :Vocaloid:Christmas:Stamp: by KaiSukiStamps

Sexy Kaito stamp by JesseCrabbe:thumb158583868: Kaito by tulipano90 kaito stamp by luzhikaru

kaito headcanon stamp by x-angelic--murder-x seriously by x-angelic--murder-x:thumb315064147: Kaito Stamp 2 by Oylnum Vocaloid Addict by Maggy-Neworld

Kaito by azianwolfdoll Fire Append Stamp by ZeroVogna Shion Brothers Stamp by SaintJimmy172 Anit hatsune Miku hate stamp by meikotheshinyturtwig Kaito V3 small gif 2 by jag2583 Kaito - Vocaloid Icon by Jevanni

Project Mirai Vocaloid Stamp by hissatsugirl I love vocaloids (Droject DIVA Extended Stamp) by DS-DNA Kaito Stamp by MJ-Kagamine KAITO stamp by Belu-Cute Kaito Stamp by erikagrace303

Fuuga/Kaito STAMP by Geellick Kaito Shimeji by jag2583

:thumb653489239: The Money Stamp by Busiris Stop That Stamp by Blackshadowbutterfly Didn't Read Stamp by JFG107-Stamps Pointless stamp by OfficiallyAbi
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Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Look funny by Claire-stamps The Seme Stamp. by Elasha Life needs... by Ishdakitty Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps
Shouldnt have to choose stamp by SallyGauge .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo I'm Fabulous Stamp by cinyanmon Random Crap Stamp by Arbok-X Immature Support Stamp by LinZeldorf
What would I do without music? by TheSallySaga You're not alone by TheSallySaga Shut Up Pun Stamp by Ascerious Perfection by TheSallySaga Naked Pun by TheSallySaga
mikusexual stamp by Mikulovania DONT FAV-Taste The Rainbow Eat by stamps-club An Opinion? What's That? by wwwarea

Mature Content

LMAO by Loveless350
Ideas Are Not Property by wwwarea IP Laws Violate Basic Human Rights by wwwarea Stop Judging The Way Someone Lives - UPDATE by wwwarea
Stamp: Offended by my opinions? by Katsuforov-Chan remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinion Dont Like What I Like? by DarkTortureX Coming Out of the Closet and Expressing Yourself by wwwarea Please, For The Love of Cyber Knowledge by MissGingerIce
Be a victim no longer! by ayame18:thumb343216738: Why Would You Say Such A Thing?! by MissGingerIce Off button is jammed. by ayame18 Why do you even do it? by PandaSennin
Doing Enough Stamp by SparkLum TRAP! by Knight1313 Kill It With Fire Redux by stuck-in-suburbia My Rock by stuck-in-suburbia But Why?! by stuck-in-suburbia
Typo by fear-the-brilliance People Do That? by stuck-in-suburbia Critiques wanted by prosaix Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96
Dang you, load faster by NorthboundFox Be Who You Are Stamp by lightpurge Inspirational Stamp by Drake1 Chill Out Stamp by Drake1 Just Try, Make an Effort by fear-the-brilliance
Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone Fix Things By Hitting Them by fear-the-brilliance Insufficient Postage Stamp by bizarrostamps I Eat Rainbows Stamp by bizarrostamps Most Definitely Not Funny by stamps-club
Miku Needs MOAR Volume by azianwolfdoll Own World stamp by Cheywolfe Support the supporter by dfmurcia About music... by FelixV94x Sakamoto Stamp (Salt) by MetaRikuHetalia
Make the Terfy Into Beef Jerky by NummyPixels Useless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9 Salt and Spice by secretagentTexas Nom Nom Attack Stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Dinosaur Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

Another Pixel Kaito [+blink] by KittiRawr KAito says NO by fujoushikarl

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kaito from Vocaloid
Favourite Books
The Unthinkable by Amanda Ripley
Favourite Writers
Jade (GundamW fandom), CheriiboiPanda (Vocaloid), MarkScyther (Vocaloid)
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy 4
Tools of the Trade
GIMP, Paint, digital camera, MMD, MME
Other Interests
Kaito and Akaito from Vocaloid, ALL THE HOMO, amusing crap
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So ok, howlitte ( went once again and ripped and converted this giant magnificence of a pack of trash cans for MMD: I'm having trouble deciding which one represents me as my spirit animal. The one in the first row that looks like autoluminous would go well on its green and blue "cybernetic" design parts? The rigid, solid, upright square steel can in the second row with a cover on it so you can neither smell nor see the dark horrors that probably lurk inside since it's likely been years since it's been taken out into the light if you think deeply about it (which is one thing you should probably never think too deeply about)? Or, the dinosaur
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Everything is hard right now so I'm going use my Captain's Prerogative to give myself the option to respond to everything from now on with just the word "Kaito" and as many as five emoticons of said Vocaloid depending on my wildly fluctuating energy, since that's all that really genuinely matters to propagate to the world when it all comes down to it. Kaito. Be aware that if it's hard to interact and I respond to you with the word of love, it's got five letters in it, and if you make the word into an anime boy then he's got blue hair with a cowlick and is proably wearing a long scarf to keep his angel voice warmed up and cozy with in order t
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Ooo, look at this? Miku Expo's cute stay at home project for #StayHomeWithMYMIKU! xD I wonder if you can keep your saved copy of the model.
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Life treating you well, sweetie?

No, not really. But it's been promising to change. I'm skeptical but want to hope. We've had such a long relationship together and I'm worried if I divorce life it'll have better lawyers than me and take the kids.

How about you hun? Things going okay?

Tomorrow’s my birthday and we’re making all kinds of preparations!

Aww! <3 Happy birthday!! ^^

Preparations...? Will there be... cake? hehe

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hi Um, hi [TSE] Hi emoticon


D: /tackles you to death

omg you're alive :D