Broken Machine Shell

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Many minds survive behind closed doors
Thoughts align and strive to fight their own wars
Inner cores burn with stellar intensity
Immensity of drive toward enlightened propensity

Each of us a god in the ruins of a temple
Royalty with crowns twisted 'til they resemble
A double helix riddled with micro-fissures
A blueprint held together with spit and wishes

This prematurely ancient edifice crumbles
Pieces collapse inward as the ground rumbles
The scaffolds are but humble and prone to failing
And steadily the bolts are pulled from the railings

The rapturous rage of just being us
Humans being in cages that succumb to rust
Ghosts in machines destined to fall to pieces
Beautiful wisdom with a crippled thesis

Our minds are passports to worlds our bodies can't reach
Mumbling lessons that we'd give anything to teach
Solutions to inescapable failures monetised
The very ends to our existence privatised

Seven hundred million stars that shine through flesh walls
The human galaxy teetering on pitfalls
Nothing but promise and the prison of the body
Nobody is immune
Sometimes I am angry at my body.
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