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Chris Kotthoff
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Current Residence: St. Louis
Favourite style of art: Comic book style

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God of War
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Pencil, Faber-Castell and Copic pens
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comics, mechs, zombies and airsoft


2 min read
Hey guys, just wanted everyone to know I'm still here. Haven't posted in a long while because I'm going through some stuff. Nothing to worry about per say, I'm healthy and financial secure but I have been dealing with stuff that has left me mentally exhausted and put a halt to my artistic endeavors. I feel compelled to post something now as allot of people are once again leaving DA due to a huge screw up on their part (yeah, the AI thing) All my work I have posted here has been re posted on multiple sites it's most likely going to used by an AI sooner rather than later regardless. That said; I'm sorry I haven't been more active here. You can still reach me here as needs be as I still have at least tried to support others through DA as I still enjoy talking with other artist on this platform. That said, DA is defiantly a ship taking on water. While I'm not leaving as of yet, I will need to open new platforms it keep in touch with other artist else where eventual before this
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Rough Year

3 min read
Hey Guys, Sorry for not updating, things have been a little bit nuts on my end. I'm a private person by nature but I owe all those who follow me a explanation. First: Still working, still physically healthy, just tired. Think all havoc from last year finally caught up with me psychologically but have been too busy to actually deal with it in a healthy manor so I just crashed. To be honest, I was having a hard time dealing with things last year prior to the pandemic. Had resolutions to to be more social, get my head in the right place, then everything had to be put on hold. Work has been stressful for a number of reasons and has required more from me. While I have been grateful to have the financial security, I have had to deal with allot of disrespect from people and being ask more of me with little more incentive (I work at a essential business and our parent company has been showing a great profit but we have yet to see a significant bonus or raise after a very difficult year) I
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Happy Holidays

2 min read
Hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving. So, I was going to follow up with a update in November... yeah. Think the year has had more of a impact on me than I though and it's effecting my productivity, sorry about that guys. I'm not in dire straight or anything guys so don't worry: I'm still in relative good health and financially secure but I feel exhausted. Not going to complain about it because I have dealt with worst and there are those dealing with worst right now, just having a hard time post right now and I want to apologies for that. My productivity was low heading into this year, was ready to take measures to change that and stimulate my creativity by now my responsibilities are: go to work, go home, stay healthy. I get online with my friends as much as a can but other than that, it's me and my baggage from last year. I'm still drawing, just far, far more behind the one project I need to finish before moving on to the next. I may do some art for friends for the holidays but
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Thanks for the fav!!!

Thanks for the fav :)

2022 Feb 17 Shadow Hawk

Of course, it's great work.

Hello! May I possibly make a request/commission about a Battletech mech?

Sorry to say I'm behind on allot of work and can not take any request/commissions at this time. Thank you for asking.

That's too bad. Maybe sometime in the future then? Anyway, good luck on your work and thanks for the quick response!

Thank-you for the favourite, I hope that you enjoy the rest of my work.