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Aaron: Digital is hard :(
Yoda: Ahhhh, young master Aaron. You have much to learn.
Aaron: Yoooooo Yoda, teach me the ways of the tablet! :XD:
Yoda: Patience, these things take time to learn.
Aaron: That sucks.
Yoda: Hrrrrrm, your future looks to be very...
Aaron: Hey! Isn't that an icon of you on deviantart? I wonder if they have permission! ;P
Yoda: Why so it is! Brb my young student, this may take more than a simple light sabre battle. I have a lawsuit on my hands!!

Yoda is the copyright of George Lucas...just so i don't get into trouble =) This is dedicated to because it is her birthday very soon. Also dedicated to all you Star wars fans. :yoda:
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Very good drawing, this is. Add more story, you must.