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Snowdrops blooming, I see them at the bus station, I smell them near the forest, they are here, everywhere.
And, I saw a garden full of lilies of the valley. Scattered all over the grass, sprinkled with waterdrops and so, so pretty.
And today, I bought grape hyacinths. Beautiful, lovely smelling flowers, smelling as spring, as a new year and life and the coming summer.
I see my two magpie-friends every day and they are so gorgeous that I can't avert my eyes of them and have to stop as long as I see them. They must be the most beautiful birds on earth.
I love life, I love it so much, no poem could express that.  

I wish you a fantastic spring and energy for all the wonders of your life. :heart:
  • Listening to: my own heartbeat
  • Reading: David Copperfield
  • Watching: Master and Margarita - soon!
  • Eating: physalis and salt sticks
It's cold, though it should get warmer the next days, well, it is already warmer than yesterday, the sky was blue and the sun was shining today, and yes, that is enough for a journal entry.

I'd like to tell everyone that i found a small chestnut this morning. A glossy, fair chestnut. I hardly await the day [it will be Monday I guess] when I will walk through many, many shiny chestnuts to the library. It will be more a summer day than a winter day, a warm autumn day exactly, but that's okay, because everything is okay, no, everything is wonderful this season.

You see, I'm still uploading pictures of May, so there are no news in this case.  

This moment a ladybug landed on a picture on the wall! I caught it. It has 19 points.

And the greatest thing of the last blueberry-time was: I have eaten the berries with the best friend of the world and her family.

So, I wish you a good night with fabulous dreams, fairies and other magic.
Enjoy your life,
  • Listening to: The beautiful silence of the autumn night.
  • Reading: restarting: Peter Pan
  • Watching: Scrubs? Pirates? Amélie? Alice? Let's see.
  • Eating: Roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Drinking: Water with little H2CO3.
Finally I started to edit the pictures of 6 months nearly.

What happened-
As announced, I've been to Spain and I still miss the sea and the wonders and Gerda.
And only a week ago I was in London. [why do I always write of travels?] I fed squirrels and had many many many Starbuck's' around me and found the most beautiful cemetery I'd ever seen. London has to be the most beautiful city in the world and who hadn't been there miss something.

What will happen the next time-
Watching 'Little Britain abroad'.
Learning for tests in school.
Going to a wonderful concert.
Meeting a wonderful person.
Buying many many many CDs.
Going to Berlin with my class.
Going to a festival the second time.
[Buying a better tent.]
Getting older and older and older.
And many other nice or not so nice things.
And if this grammar was absolutely wrong- sorry, I usually don't think on Sundays.


Have a nice day,
  • Listening to: Going to listen to Schandmaul's 'Anderswelt'
  • Eating: Zwieback.
  • Drinking: Water with elderberry sirup.
The flight starts tomorror morning.
I will spend New Year's Eve in calmness, only my uncle and me. A deserted beach is waiting for me, together with an enjoyable temperature and a clear weather for the next days. I won't feel lonely, the best dog of the world will bear me company.

Aren't we spontaneous? The idea was translated yesterday.

I'm afraid. But happy.

I wish you a happy new year.
  • Eating: Gummi bear without gelatine.
  • Drinking: I'm going to make tea.
:iconnymphchen: :heart:

I needed my time to think about the rules and the task. ^^
Well, here we go. Ha.


The Rules:

The 1st player of this starts with the topic weird habits/facts/dislikes about yourself and people who get tagged must write in their journals about their 6 weird habits/facts/dislikes as well as state this rule clearly.

In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list to their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you're tagged.


About O.-

1. She could walk with 9 months, number with 12 months, the alphabet with 18 months and read with 24 months.
2. At the age of ~ 7, after a dream with screaming puppets and burning rocking horses, 'Quakerjack' from the serial 'Darkwing Duck' became her fictive best friend (and stood it for years).
3. She is totally in love with Alice [and other notional persons].
4. She can talk to the sea.
5. When she's grown up, she will become a pirat or princess maybe.
6. She wants to be cremated when she's dead, and her ash should be stew from a hot-air balloon into the wind.


I am tagging-

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  • Drinking: tea.
- and I am waiting for the next.

It' dark in the morning.

A new year starts and I have a new Camera: Canon EOS 400D, which was for two weeks in Spain with me.

We lived with my uncle and his wife in their mansion and they have a dog, called 'Gerda'. They got Gerda after the death of 'Merfic' [free translation from the Russian], a treasure of a Giant Schnauzer.
Gerda is the most beautiful and the cleverest dog I've ever seen. Well, a purebred German Shepherd Dog with any champions as parents.. that's not important. When she wants to be pat, she looks so cute and rubs her head on your hand and after the pettings she gives her paw and licks your hand to thank. And if you start playing with her, she runs as a shot around you and through the garden..
What else she likes: Her toys, the conversations with the dogs of the neighbourhood, the little pond with the fishes.
What she dislikes: My Camera.
I think, we are friends now. I miss her.

This was the first year we used the Spanish trains. We went to Port Aventura [I was a child and my father 30 years younger!] and two times to Barcelona.
And one day, two young men got in and started to make musik. The one played a guitarr, the other a flute.
Maybe this is nothing special in Spain, but I've never seen that before, so it was unimaginable wonderful for me. It still was, when the one with the flute started to collect money.

People who gave me a smile back when I smiled at them:
A girl in the plane, a little older than me, who was playing with two little girls [that was funny because she spoke English and the kids German].
A boy of my age while walking through the town at night [I just wanted a smile of anyone, because I felt a little lonely].
A young man at an evening-walk of mine along the beach [he had a cute dog and looked so natural that he could only be personable].
An older woman while collecting shells [her dog came to me and I felt happy].

Yes, I miss the walks in the light of a sunset, the feet in salt water and on wet sand. The large shadows and by waves reflected sun.
And the pictures are not only inside the head.

So far,


:iconsky-club: :iconalice-club: :iconflower-club: :iconmacro-beginners-club:

She is a fairy.:

And they are awesome, too.:
:icondevilsinc53: :iconschleifchen:
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... so I thought: why don't write a journal entry?
- because I don't know what to write.

Well, as you could see, I was in Venice.
And I still dream of this magical town. Of the places tourists normally aren't interested in. Of eating expensive spaghetti with a friend.

I'm looking forward to the long vacation. I will meet an amazing person and listen to much loud music.
And I will travel to Spain, really ready for a holiday. Collecting shells and feeling sand instead of rock.

So, take care.


:iconsky-club: :iconalice-club: :iconflower-club: :iconmacro-beginners-club:

She is a fairy.:

And they are awesome, too.:
:icondevilsinc53: :iconschleifchen:
  • Reading: Alice in Wonderland
  • Eating: Blueberries.