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Hi there.

Some groundbreaking stuff is about to happen to me by the end of this week; I will be embarking on a 12-month working holiday in Japan after all. It is a slight departure from my original plan with an agency, granted, but during these turn of events I will have more liberal freedom in settling somewhere to apply for jobs in the orient. I don’t know how well for definite I will do on my first month, yet I’m buzzing to strike it out for the year away from home, maybe even longer.

Yes, I am still going to make art and provide commissions while I take my WH, though I will be closing them from this weekend to somewhere in September when I’m comfortable to reopen again. As much as I need the work over there pronto, I still very much want to commit my services to friends and fine people of the internet for a short amount of my free time (hey, it’s still pretty much a holiday, amirite?). There’s a good chance that my commissions will be tweaked to fit around my new schedule which is bound to change all year around. I’m sure you’ll like that.

I already bought some new supplies for the trip – 0.3 Pentel Graphgear to join my brothers 5 and 7. Gots to try it out yet.

Which is now a good time to link up with some gaijin artisans in Japan to keep my sanity… beginning with Osaka until the seasonal change as I move up north. The only two things that are staying on my list are attending JapanPonyCon that falls on my birthday no doubt, and Wrestle Kingdom on 4th January.

As for May, Everfree Northwest was a damn fine brony convention set in a faraway country. My second year with Confuzzled was a bigger improvement this time around although I will sacrifice all this and UKPonycon and BronyScot for my year in Nihon.

And I really can't list anymore stuff out of my head. I'm sure I will treat my new surroundings with respect and take the opportunity to get away from so any things that had me so irritated as of late. I'll spare you from the gruesome details, but a few of my contacts will know what I have to deal with ad infnitum.

With thanks!

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Good luck and have fun. :)