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The Three Hopes and the Three Menaces

By steave1425
So I dictated that story to my dad ten years ago. At that time I was eight years old. :) It was inspired by a dream I had dreamt and then developed into a story. 
I tried to translate it a close to the original as possible, so I kept the commas since they are also in German by no means placed correctly, so I guess I dictated them as well back then. 
And yeah, just keep in mind that I was eight. :) So there are of course quite odd parts. And I mean only technical odd parts. The story itself has it's odd parts for sure, but that makes it a good tale. ;)
However I really love that tale, and you definitely can see that I really loved fairy tales at that age, which I still do. About that part where the king's petrified ancestors appear, I'm quite sure I was inspired by Goethes "A Fairy Tale" or "The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily". This is a really beautiful and fascinating tale I loved listening too (we had it as audio book), although, or maybe because, I didn't quite understood it. I still don't understand it completely. :) Anyway it's really worth a read: German and English .

I hope you like it. :D

1 In German we have this awesome word:"Da". Since I use it so often in the story it makes it sound like a fairy tale. However I can't find a really fitting translation for this. So I use "at that time/moment", "then" or "so". And even one or two times "and". I tried to translate it as good as possible. 

2 Imagine them as fake noses. :incognito: 
3 Like a copper coin. I didn't really know the Mario games at that time. Mario emote Super Mario 64 Red Coin 

4 The dragons body.

5 3,5 m = 11,4829 feet

6 1,5 m = 4,92126 feet

7 Like when you aim before you chop wood. So the axe only tips the mountain with it's blade.

8 I meant steel of course. Wasn't that strict with the words at that time. :)

9 It means the pot with the three noses, and not that the noses are in the pot along with the liquid.

10 Actually there follows: "Und er fand eine Maus und das Märchen ist jetzt aus." which means "And he found a mouse and the tale is now over." However that makes no sense in English at all, since it's just a silly rhyme that doesn't work in English.

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