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Props to /u/Eudicot in reddit explaining it better than mine:

Yui (Tracer) is the main character of the series and is a quirky derp overload. She plays the guitar and is one of the lead singers of the band, so Tracer fits as she's sorta the front of the band and series while also being quite quirky.

Azusa (Widow) is the tryhard of the group, and becomes somewhat upset often since the rest of the group doesn't practice. I guess the Widow is meant to show that she is the tryhard while also fits as she sorta ends up as somewhat of a foil for Yui.

Mugi (D.Va) is super rich but just wants to experience the normal pleb life. While she doesn't really fit D.Va, the idea that she'd play D.Va, and particularly that pose, makes since due to the fact that she'd be the one to do that pose despite not at all being that sorta person.

Mio (Mercy) is the shy one of the group and doesn't like to draw attention to herself. Mercy fits playstyle wise since she's more of a supporting role (bassist). Someone noted that she's tethered to Ritsu (Pharah) which is very apt considering that Mio is often bailing Ritsu out when she screws up.

Ritsu (Pharah) is the brash one. She's loud, obnoxious, and the "president" of the band. She's the one who usually suggests what to do and somewhat commands the band on what to do.

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Really love this one used it as a thumbnail for my twitch stream videos if u don't mind
If you do mind do dm me and let me know ty
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sure sure! just credit me or something! <3
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Yee I didn't remove your logo you had on the side so yeah!
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Do you happen to do commissions? Ive been using this as a temp banner for Youtube but it does not really fit since half the faces get cut off. Would be sweet to have a version that fits properly.
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a kon x overwatch banner? count me in! just send me a private message. <3
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Had to dig through piles of shit, and really
kinks, but I found it.
I love it. My problem is the fact that the background is way too blurred, and the fact that the background is low res, but it doesn't scar me for life.
Thank you, I love you.
Also you missed the perfect opportunity to call it "K-watch" or "K-Overwatch. 
Not sure if you've seen this or if you worked something out with this site but…
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I like how they cut my signature. lol. Yeah, this happens. It sucks but I cant really do anything about it since Im not famous. I just try to focus on my improvement. 
Lots of fan art has been stolen by this site. I've reported it to Blizzard and Riot so while you might not be able to do something hopefully they will.
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You ever have one of those weird moments in life where two separate things come together at a VERY convenient time? I literally just recently finished the show and am now super into it, meanwhile I tune into the most recent Funhaus post show to see them discussing this lol. It's just crazy when stuff like that happens though, very unexpected. Also this is incredible and will be my wallpaper.
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wait, what? the dude soup post show? Is this for the subscribers only? aww thats really cool! I havent seen it since I really cant maintain a subscription.
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This is perfect, you merged two of my most beloved things.
Btw I found the picture here and I would feel bad ordering it without your consent.…
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I want this printed. a huge print on my wall. I need it.
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The true size of this one is 23" x 13". You can message me if you want but ill tell you upfront that its not free. sorry. 
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This is the most entertaining crossover I've seen this month. Great job!
This crossver is really great! Could I upload this picture to other site with recording its source?
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Something that I think is clever about this picture that (I think) nobody has pointed out is that Mercy and Phara work so well together in the game that people think this extends beyond normal gameplay, putting the two in a fannon relationship. Which makes me happy to see that Mio and Risa are portraying these characters respectively, and that they are also shipped vigorously.
It's the little things that count.
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I also think people still dont notice the staff Mio is using is also left handed. :D
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