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Steampunk Computer

fully functional steampunk computer, mouse, keyboard, webcam...

Many thanks for all your comments! I am glad if you like my work! If you'd like to see current work, so please visit my Facebook artist-page. I would be delighted if you support the page with your "Like"! 

Thank s so much, 

PS: The english version of my website you will find here:  (please excuse the mistakes, my english is not the best) :)
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Your work is simply amazing !
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That looks like my laptop... lol... sort of.  Well, yours looks like a newer model.
Nice job, it's Great.

- Tom
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This is just mind blowingly awesome. I'd call it the Jules Verne Cray23
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Wow! I don't usually like steampunk computers because often it still looks like a magic box with glued on gears and the monitor still looks like a high-tech LCD screen with a copper frame. But this cathode ray looking screen is actually a great solution. I also love that webcam xD
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Groovy! Looks like several years of hard work, pondering, despair and trying anew. Great outcome. I definitely would NOT be able to create such a piece of art.
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Is it a real computer working? with keyboard and mouse? WOOOOW!
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Uf! really awesome.
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Its my dream to make steampunk a reality :) 
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Your a genius! :D I love steampunk :D
And it works, too! I love this; wish I had one!
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I thought steampunk was stupid, but then I saw this.

I LOVE the CRT, btw. Glad you didn't hurt yourself making this. And is that a Model M keyboard? Or actually from a typewriter?
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thanks for your comment!

the base i used was a Model M keybord. But it was completely stript and buil in a metal case of parts from old typewriters...

best wishes,
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I was bored so set out to browse with word "steampunk"  and I lost all faith in humanity and almost deleted my profile for all the incredible bullshit I came across, as a studying watchmaker I find it appalling how people take apart clocks and watches and just glue useless gears on some random shit thats made to look old, its just sickening, a gear that doesn't do anything hurts my head and my heart...

BUT THIS THING RIGHT HERE restored my faith in the word steampunk! THIS IS WHAT STEAMPUNK SHOULD LOOK LIKE! this is beatuiful!

thank you for restoring my faith in steampunk! it is awesome, as is you other work also btw! :)
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Thanks a lot for your comment! i agree with you and i do not like to glue gears on something. i like to work with old and authentic materials an want the objects to become a soul...

and if you like, have a look at the new one:…

best wishes,
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yes I saw it, it is also very much awesome! :)
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Gluing gears should be a sin >:C
Ok, that sounded pretty stupid, even to me. But still, things meant for practical uses must be used for practical things. *shudders*
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I LOVE IT!!  Not only does it look completely steampunk (or "steampunked", as my relatives call it), but it works!?  Amazing!
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Ich LIEBE dieses BILD!  HAMMER! 
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