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amel1995Hobbyist Artist
Hey Steamrolled, I see you login in here from time to time, last one being last week, so can you at least give us an update on your Patreon? or at least Pause Payments until new content is avaliable.

Honestly with the way Steamrolled has been treating her Patreons I'm shocked there are still this many left. She defended her outrageous price of 15 dollars a month by saying it would ensure the quality and quantity of her work be we've seen none of it. And it's just lame excuse after lame excuse.

amel1995Hobbyist Artist

in the 3 months she's been away she went from 193 patrons to 138, even 138 staying that's a lot, I talked to some of them in the Discord and they're staying just to support her, which is even sadder if she just vanishes and is milking her fans dry which is a borderline a fraud charge.

YouGotBloodOnMySuitStudent Writer

Yeah, comes off as kinda fishy which I'm not gonna lie. I can understand Steam having hiatuses every now and then, that happens and its expected, but when its paid content she better at least make a statement about it before she goes on hiatus. I know she gotten sick earlier but how bad is it? I'm pretty sure typing a message saying "Sorry I'll be on hiatus for a while." and editing the settings of the Patreon to adjust for that (so you don't get charged until new content is posted) doesn't sound that hard.

No excuses either since she had hiatuses on the Patreon before.

I really don't want to sound pessimistic, I still have good faith in her but it feels really 'something' taking advantage of all that goodwill and using it to make some $$$ without even letting people know that you're on hiatus.

I can understand starting a Patreon and making mistakes. Her original description on her Patreon was admittedly too ambitious, but she could've still just edited the description and be like "one comic a month" and that would've been just as fine, although prices should also be altered accordingly as well.

Still I hope she'll be okay. I don't want to come off as bad but this is money involved.

amel1995Hobbyist Artist
You haven't posted on Patreon for over a month and nothing story related comics since late November? I canceled my support a while ago for inactivity but I still check now and then and nothing new comes up, is there something wrong?
Browse back on the Patreon. Steamrolled basically is just gone all the time, and is never even on Discord which is an extra reward for patrons. All updates that were posted recently were all posted right before the end of the month to prevent people from dropping their support before payday. Honestly the way that Patreon content has been going I hope everyone cancels.
Hope you're okay :(