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Sorry folks. effective immediately, I'm deleting several works and keeping only a few bits.

Only a few members will have access to the concept art.

I did scripts for Act I and II, which means the story is about 2/3s done in a draft form. Once the second and "finalize" version is done, I will begin the copyright of the script for my usage. Psst me in a note for any questions.
effective immediately, no original work will be posted on Deviantart. All my comics, characters, stories and 3D art will be displayed in my website and others as well.

I am also expiring my membership and leaving links behind for future use.

That is all
Last week was a busy week with work, house cleaning, and preparation for comic Con in Albany. A good friend of mine gave me an “assignment” which was creating a 5 page comic without bubble letters. He wants to see if I was capable of telling a visual storytelling with the use of panels.

I consume an entire week redoing the script of my story and create a step-by-step list of what I need to do, then I went to Comic-Con in Albany.

This was my first Comic-Con and I enjoyed it a lot! I saw great cosplayers who posed as Star Wars Bounty hunters, Storm Troopers, Harley Quin, and Spiderpunk. I also saw a lot of old school toys and collectibles, Some which are pretty pricey. But the best experience was taking the time and speaking with the artists and comic book writers:

Graham Nolan – creator of Bane

Joe Station – Dick Tracy

Paul Harding- designs sculptures

Christain N. St. Pierre

I spoke of their experience with being comic-book artists as well as sharing my art (my mother had my copies shown to a lot of people without me knowing, which is unexpected :) ). I got praises for the work I did as well as critiques and suggestions. Many of them like the direction I was going, but strongly emphasizes on panel layout (use big ones for large events, and small for the little stuff). As for characters, while not perfect, their anatomy is good. I guess I'll check out some poses and anatomy with Daz3d than to use a wooden mannequin. Best of all, I showed a time line of my 2002-2005 artwork to show the growth of my work.

I finish drawing an OC character of mine, Jeager. I stop using Paint Tool Sai and went back to Adobe Photoshop as the means to draw. I was planning to invest on a new tablet with a screen, seeing how much I hate drawing on a small tablet and running over the edges.

Last thing that I have to say is that I'm motivated and happy that I went to comic con, it freshes my mood and enforces my desire to do Graphic novels. I'll see you guys next week. Oh, and please check the pages and if you have questions or want to offer suggestions, feel free to contact me :)

Website has been updated, showing my art styles and a main art gallery to display my work. In addition, I have work on comic pages, doing paneling placements thanks to Manga Studios and more. I'm also working on building a Dystopian Cairo, an abandoned oil platform, and Sinai for a story. In addition, and my favorite, project and making monsters. I'm making an "Orge" and a "giant, mutated man-eating Scarab."

As Qyburn has said in Game of Thrones, the work continues...
Art Portfolio Site is Up!

Whew, Greetings everyone!

I finally got took the time to get this website running. I added my contact information and display links, artwork, and information for all of you to see. For those who know me, you are aware that my ambitions and strive to use my skills. I want to achieve a higher goal to use art for business and expression as well as try new things.

For those who don't know me, My name is Samuel Martinez, and I want to be a graphic novelist and 3D designer. Thank you for visiting!
Ok folks, as of today I almost got my Portfolio website build up, just needed to take some pictures of myself and display some artwork. Also. I'm going to make Wednesday my official weblog day, which means I have to push myself to create 2-4 digital pictures or 3D Renders, a log, as well as my what to do phase. Which leaves a question about Deviantart.

I decided not to maintain my premium and will make it as just another page like tumbr and twitter. My website will be the main hub of where I keep my things

I am also going to set up a commission for simple logo design and character concept art. Hopefully generate renevue to.... get a PS4. :P

Going to Comic Con in Albany and Jacob Javiss to understand how booths are set up and see if I learn some media tips to sell my work.
Hey folks, as I work on editing the draft and Script for my first novel, I like to look back and worked on my first would-be novel. I'm planning to dust off and give Hasan back into the spotlight as a webisode series (like prince valiant in the old school comics). Hasan, Allocer, Ifrit, Mysha, and others will return. It will post in my portfolio website and in my deviantart page.
Been thinking about this for a long time, but I want to eventually pursue further in getting my work out there. Deviantart has been good for the past 6 years (7, but I haven't post anything worth seeing). DA was a good site, but as fanart and professional artist dominating, I have to pursue elsewhere. So far I've been working on commissions and told 5 pieces of artwork.

Also after feedbacks and suggestions, I realize that I have a long path in fulfilling what I want to do.

First off, I'm going to change my DeviantArt name based on a twitter page. I also going to link them so that you can follow both.

Second, I found someone who is willing help my establish a website. He works at IBM and has the means to capture the kind of website I wanted. Once this, as well as my first story is complete, I will present a link in Deviant.

Third. By now I want to say that I'm slowly moving away on just doing a Mixed Media work using traditional and Photoshop. reason being is that the process is long and without a proper setting, light, and patience between home and work, I have been working more on 3D modelling, Daz3d/poser, and paint tool Sai

Now, this isn't a farewell Journal, but more like a turning page of what I've been pushing back because of outside obligations. I want to do what I wanted before I regret it.
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I've been progressing, with many bumps on the road, in working on my graphic novel. I did all daz3d renders of the character's portrait, but in terms of cover art/ title font of my own/ and artwork, that needs to be put on hold in favor of the script/storyboards. After doing the characters, I worked on character chemistry and interactions/ backgrounds/ and purpose of the story that drives the main protagonist.

Hasan's Odyssey rear back to my mind, considering that I was focus heavily on my other story. Hasan's Odyssey may not hit the shelves, but instead a web graphic novel story of a boy journeying in a fantasy world where he tries to purge his sorcerer powers before it changes him.

I'm also planning to do another dark fantasy story. but I'm not going to say anything else.
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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope the rest of the year will be pleasant, and prepare for the future!

Some good news, I'm slowly reaching my designated goal to work on my Graphic Novel, which will soon be name. I have written plot points, did all characters, and now in the second draft stages in the story. Starting mid January, I'm going to meet someone who had their graphic novel publish. I'm debating whether to have a digital or physical copy, but I want to begin my work with making my first book of a possible trilogy featuring a post-apocalyptic, steampunk future. The Story of Yusra Harith, Omar, and Ani will be an adventure that I will strive to finish and get done.

It's strange that I'm crossing this path, the path I wanted to do as a child. Now, I will do it. I have even written "I will do this" in my exams and character. It has to be done!

So... let it be written.

Peace all
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I'm working on several fan art pictures regarding comic books, game characters, and steampunk designs. moar to come :)
After almost a year since I got this program, I started to learn the ropes of the Blender Program. So far I practice making a cup and clock through tutorials, eventually I may have to go back and do it on my own. Once I'm able to understand the mechanics of this program by posting small mini projects, I will then focus on the big picture.

I'm planning to do a lot of drawings on graphic novels as well. Perhaps in a more traditional style (drawing it) rather than 3d rendering. OR! Or, use the 3d rendering and then make it into a 3d art style
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Now to gear up on mass drawing, working, excersizing, and script writing :D
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Greetings all! Just giving a few updates of what I'm doing so far.

1.) Script writing what will be my first graphic novel.

2.) I got myself a new scanner, Bamboo tablet, photoshop programs as well as taking some turtorials on drawing on tablets.

3.) A new OC sketch will be presented, Gaspar Durante.

4.) I've updated my profile. Wrote down links such as twitter, Tumblr, and other media sources.

*puts on his steampunk goggles*

The great work begins B)
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So after spending years of drawing, writing, reading, story boarding, I think its time I approach a medium that will mix with all. I decided to do graphic novels. I already come up with 4 universes and Stories that will work well with this:

*Hasan's Odyssey

*My steampunk story which will be the first

*A gothic-dark fantasy story

*Science fiction horror

*Something for kids

*A short novel story based on my real life experience.
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Hey all. I'm still around in deviantart, just hasn't have the damn second to just sit down and put a pencil into paper. Well, think of it as "Writer's Block" but with art. I've been stuck on trying to draw something, especially working in a Rehab center that I didn't have time. -_- However, thanks to a friend at home depot, she kind of push me into drawing.... by tuitoring her with drawing cartoon character. She's such a sweet heart that I have her invited over for games and movies (she adores my mother too much.... ). Thanks Esther!

Now, about my plans for this year. A car, getting into more classes... Oh yeah, A new (not quiet new, but new) story is in the works. Hasan's Odyssey has been shelved until I spend some time working on an epic. But now, I'm working on the Steampunk Muslimah into a awesome tale of discovery and moral battles. Its a tale of an Egyptian engineer who strives to create something beautiful, and Hamza, a machine who desires to be "reborn."
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Spend a whole week at the beach in Wildwood NJ. Got a tan (did gain weight after the good dinner over there :P) play in rides, kayaking (for the first time) took photos, and made new friends. It was a blast. But I also learn a lot in my trip, which I guess that was truly the best part. I learn what its like to live in another house, taking care and managing money, and how to handle things on your own. Thank you wildwoods for a joyful and a lesson well learned experience :)
I got myself a Two player set of Warmachine, so far I dig with everything in this franchise. The paints, the minis, the fluff and the game. The game seems very aggressive and competitive, I need to get into the gaming once I try some rounds with it :D
Where is everyone? Some were gone for a week, others... as if they disapeared. Like dust in the wind, untracable and unbound by time. :(
I put my artwork aside due to work and college, and now I come back, to see and revisit people. Did they move on? If so, I am unable to say goodbye T_T.

It's snowing!!! :squee: A white Christmas!

Finally done with my Semester, and I see big promise of my labors ^_^. It was tough in the end though, which is why I have been absent the past couple weeks :(. Here's why:

-A lifespan Project that takes a semester long to complete

-Working extra hours to save up for the spring semester

-Taking care of the house, mainly cleaning bills

-I got a new job, as a CNA (finally)

-Observations in Nursing homes, Rehabs, and hospitals

But according to Shakespear, Knowledge makes a bloody entrance. (That's a deep quote there :P )