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Hasan Ali Ahmad

By Steamrider86
This piece is my character and commission to :iconmuslim-manga: "Muslim Male OC"
________________________________________ _______
Hasan Ali Ahmad, is my main protagonist in my work "Hasan's Odyssey."

As young and adventurous, 15 year old Hasan has enthusiasm of fantasy stories. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan and is watched by his stout hearted and strict guardian, Ameera. His interests are the Quran, sports, novel books, games, and cookies, much like his mother, Aisha. He has a disdain of politics, even within Pakistan. Hasan loves his country and never has a slight thought of leaving his beloved home. However, after winning a trophy in a soccer tournament, Hasan's moment of triumph was short live when his guardian told him to pack his belongs, he’s moving. Hasan wept and was in grooving depression, saying goodbye to friends and classmates.

After arriving, Hasan at first hated the United States, but his mood change though when he made new friends from his neighborhood, and quickly adjusting to a different atmosphere. But such moments like this will be irrelevant as he is to embark into yet another, yet far different reality.
One night, Hasan found his apartment door broke in and his Guardian missing. What he found instead was a creature, chaotic and ominous by appearance, blocking the door way. Hasan attempted to escape but he was caught, he was engulfed by the creature and disappears out of thin air. He later woke, quickly realizing that he is in another world, a realm that will soon tries to destroy him. Now, Hasan's day dreams and fantasies come to haunt him as he is relentless pursue by hateful foes that desires to cath catch him, distrusted by ruthless and legendary heroes who protect him to pursue his goal, and preyed by horrific monsters, from myths to creatures unimaginable. Will Hasan's faith, strength, and vigiliance protect him from his ultamate challange, or will he despair and succumb to the world that where the only the dead and the strong prosper, Vanahiem.

As a protagonist, Hasan is mostly just a normal human being. He's athletic, bright and devoted to Islam. But what's unique is his ability (and perhaps genetically) to see hidden truths within messages, which his Djnni companion calls "Truth sense." As hasan journeys in a world wrecked and forged by chaos and destruction, he can decode messages that no one can see. But from this gift comes a consequence, since Hasan's ability lures ambitious and ominous beings who too want to possess this "Truth seeker."
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I gotta say I love your coloring, man!! :D I love your skin-tones ^^
Steamrider86's avatar
SeymaIncikli's avatar
You're welcome xD
charcoalfeather's avatar
Nice story and I think he's really cool :D
Steamrider86's avatar
Why thank you! ^^
YellowPixel's avatar
Wow you've improved hugely since I was last here!
Steamrider86's avatar
Emma!!! :tighthug:

Long time no see!
YellowPixel's avatar
:lol: I know! Life and all of that. I'm sure I'll go missing again but it's good to be back for now!
Steamrider86's avatar
Awww well, its the same in my part. I got plenty of sketches to submit and color but I put them aside to handle important things, like college. But its good to hear from you! ^^
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humm same here my OC has name Hasan too!
Nice draw :clap:
kurosaki-yon's avatar
hmm, the character have not to wear that shoes.
spring-sky's avatar
Oh..I remembered something.

You should put muslim-manga text in the Artist's comment since you submitted this to the contest (It's one of the rules)

You can edit it and remove that later when the contest ends.
Steamrider86's avatar
Thanks, I should do that. My computer still has problem with a firewall program that it blocks deviantart, but when I use a proxy I can't submist or do much.
spring-sky's avatar
Oh! OK!

Then i think you can use the time to make the other original characters till your problem get repaired. ;)

Will there be a young muslim female character??

I hope your PC will get well soon! :giggle:
Steamrider86's avatar
There is 2, A'isha and Mysha. A'isha is Hasan's mother who passed away, though she plays a key role (flashbacks). Mysha is a native Trabadour who narrates Hasan story, but she doesn't start off as a muslim first.
spring-sky's avatar

I wonder how they look like.
Steamrider86's avatar

A'isha, Hasan's mommy ^___^
spring-sky's avatar

and she wears glasses too. Just like my mum ^^

Going to fav it.

see you later
spring-sky's avatar
Loved your work and the story.

I usually like characters with glasses ^^;.

I think you should put a link to your 'Hasan Odysse' in the Artist's comment.

I'd love to see it.
Steamrider86's avatar
Thank you! I'll set up everything once I do all of the "main" characters. but most of the stuff I posted revolves around the story. I'll update once I finish this semester.

spring-sky's avatar you haven't drawn the manga yet??

or will it be literature??

Either way,I look forward to see it.
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