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Arvin Hounder - Mass Effect Oc
Name: Arvin "Beven" Hounder
Age: 36
Race: Human, Caucasian
Place of Birth: Shanxi
D.o.B: 6/18/2154
Alias: Alliance (Formerly), Blue Suns (Formerly), Rouge Mercenary Group (Formerly), Category 6
Arvin was born on Shanxi, under a militaristic family with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He followed his mothers and fathers footsteps and joined the Alliance at the age of 27. Thanks to his background, he rose up the ranks and became a lieutenant. His prowess in battle proved useful in the Alliance and when a battle started at Elysium, known as the "Skyllian Blitz", he proved very useful with his squad and his captain, Reymond Branch. He found a fascination with the war hero, Commander Shepard and became a fan of them. In 2177, Arvins crew had come under attack from batarian pirates, who had stolen high graded weapons from Alliance ships. Sadly, Arvins ship was destroyed along with his crew and his captain. Arvin had survived but became mentally scarred. He had developed PTSD, minor but enough for
:iconsteampunksoldier12:Steampunksoldier12 0 0
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Nick the Stick
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
A 18-year-old guy who makes kindergarten grade art. I will take request as long as you don't end up complaining about it. I do have a skype and a steam account which is called Soldier which will be put at the bottom. I will allow critics on my page even without the critic button just don't go haywire with it. If you Watch me I Watch you back (sounded creepy) but I will try my hardest to be a kind person. I will allow people to use my art without my permission since I don't see a point in it. If you want to use it, go ahead I don't care.

Also if you want to get in contact with me or see my horrible post that makes you question my sanity go to these accounts:……
(SteamAccount Name) - Soldier/fashionzombie1 (warning I suck at everything)
PS4 - (Crazycat_12)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Zolrac3005 is a artist and animator who ran a YouTube channel and a DeviantArt. It is unknown when Zolrac started his account but his raise to fame was very noticeable. This might be wrong but from what I see from his remaining account I will say he started in 2010 and ended in 2011, now I might be wrong but since many of his accounts are deleted, I will just go on with that assumption. Before we get to know Zolrac, we are going to talk about Happy Tree Friends since he does tie into the show.

Happy Tree Friends is a show created by Aubrey Ankrum an American screenwriter, animator and graphic artist, Rhode Montijo creator of Pablo's Inferno and Cloud Boy, and Kenn Navarro an Filipino American animator and voice actor. The show maintains around cute anthropomorphic animals dying in violent way. A short and very simple premise to go by but even so, some of these character do have a story, mostly explained in their side shows known as "Ka-Pow". One of the most noticeable one is a character named Flippy. Flippy is a green anthropomorphic bear dressed in a military outfit. He rarely makes any appearances in the show and when he does, he mainly " flips out". When he flips out he becomes more grim and evil and starts to kill many of the other characters. It is explain why he does this in his Ka-Pow short, known as "Operation: Tiger Bomb" where he flips out for the first time and the reason he has PTSD. For this, he is the most popular character on the show and the least killed character. Now, you may wonder what does this have to do with Zolrac? Well, Zolrac was one of the fans of the show and spawned many animations, art, and OC's  because of this show.

Zolrac created his channel in 2010 and started to make many animations. Whether they were fan animations, showing off the OC's he created or doing his popular fighting animations with music like Breaking Benjamin or My Chemical Romance, which were really popular back then. Today, people would call his animations bad but back then those animations were amazing. At the time there were many animations with fighting, blood, war, magic, and love. Back then, being "edgy" was normal. His channel was getting a good amount of views and he was gaining many subscribers and watchers, he got so much support that he had helped with multiple games, one being Happy Tree Friends Origins, but on 19th of October 2011 he shut down his accounts and left the internet for personal reasons. There is another account with his name but I am not 100% sure if it is him. Now, you may wonder why I talk about him and to answer your question I use to watch his videos a lot since I also watched HTF and seeing his animations amazed me and I think his videos had an effect on my story telling and art. He was someone I inspired to be and since he left I guess it did a blow to me but even so, he still has an effect on me and I do wish him luck.

Talking about Zolrac was a hard one as there wasn't much info on him but I can link to some of his content that was reuploaded by :iconkrissyathesniper: who is an great artist, would recommend.

Also, it's good to be back, lets hope I can manage my anger…

Profile Picture By Lemyzolrac2-d6s4x42 by Steampunksoldier12

Zolrac3005 OC - Lemy

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