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Perkele - DnD character-

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My original character for the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. I used to play D&D with my bro and friends some time ago, and after trying human paladins and half-elf monks, I decided to try a cleric/paladin dwarf. I can't remember the moment I started liking dwarves, must have been after liking Gimli on LOTR so much ^^' Anyway, got inspired on Lineage II armors to create my own and some Warhammer/DnD illustrations I found on the manuals. The steampunk-ish googles are a touch of my own :) His name is Përkele Hietala (if I remember well) named after Nightwish's bass/singer, Marco Hietala, and his favourite swearword (përkele, which means something like "fuck you!" in Finish :XD: ). We palyed in a very rule-free way, therefore we could choose our character's story/personality as we liked, so independently of his sacred-like past, I made Përkele a likeable, grumpy old dwarf who loved nothing better than a good beer and a good brawl (I tryied to make him a berserk-like fighter) , but always in the name of his God (which I can't remember right now :P)
yes, it's a bit contradictory, but I always liked contradictory characters :)
One of the first times I ever painted over the lines, was a very hard task, specially for the lack of time I had to do it (I had to make like 6 character profiles in a week before the DnD party, I don't know how my right hand survived :P)
Hope I can draw again my grumpy dwarf, maybe sooner than I think ;)
(traducción española más tarde :P)
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shuritaProfessional Digital Artist
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The name made me laugh out loud. You are aware what it means, yes?
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futekiProfessional General Artist
damnit all! You're fab! *dazled* I love the feel of everything.The hair is just..soo...pardon me.. petable! ^O^And the skin is just fantastic!
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I love the hair with the million braids and bushy eyebrows and the curly mustache and... *goes on*

anyway, great character design! :D
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dragontamer363Hobbyist Writer
oooh he's wonderful. you can see real personality in the picture - and the concept design is just beautiful. I love the idea of a religious dwarf. Bravo :D
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Totally epic, his beard is amazing :D

But I speak a little Finnish, so I must nitpick: it's perkele not përkele, and in fact ë doesn't even exist in Finnish. And it doesn't mean fuck you, it's closer to "god damn it" (just harsher) because Perkele was an ancient god of thunder. *language nerd* sorry :D
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Hey! that's for the info! :D I didn't know it was based on a thunder god, that's quite useful, hehe
And I'll correct the ë, do not worry :)
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Ahh, I love it when people are interested in these things :) Glad to help!
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As a RP'er with a penchant for Dwarves, I LOVE this picture. You did such a fantastic job creating him and keeping him true to Dwarven standards that I am truely impressed.
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Why thank you :)
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lolilaProfessional Digital Artist
Looks very good! :)
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Hahahahaha que fuerte, yo cuando jugaba (hace años de eso) al D&D tb tenía un enano clerigo paladin XDDD
Se llamaba Gungnir Ivaldir y lo decidi pq casi todos eran semielfos o elfos, salvo mi hermano y yo, seguidores de los enanos. Dios si me pusiera a rehacer las tiras comicas que hacía de las partidas... que risas.
Una chulada el dibujos y las gafas todo un puntazo.
Ains... que nostalgia...
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Awesome drawing!
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SkymouthHobbyist Traditional Artist
Simply outstanding details!
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The title right away took my attention, since I'm Finnish and that happens to be my fav swearword too :D

But I'm glad it took my attention, that's one hell of a cool character! I love all the details in his armor, plus he himself handsome. ;P
Good work!
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AquaVarinHobbyist General Artist
Cool armor, and your work on his hair and beard is amazing:)
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OhSadfaceProfessional Digital Artist
I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this looks. I really love the layering of the beard, Also all the little embroidered designs and details are really nice, I also really like the face, it has a lot of character in it especially with the pink nose and cheeks. Great Job
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Como me flipa su barba, en serio xDDDD
Steampunk-Girl's avatar
yo quiero una barba así cuando sea mayor XDD
Froda-Stoney's avatar
xDDD jo pos esta un poco chungo digo yo xDDD
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Woo! That's some amazing work ^^ My ahir gets like that when I let it grow out-- that's why I keep it shaved ;)
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He has very kind expression...Cute!
I like dwarves too, since...i dunno when,but for a long time ...So...i like him very much:D And good work:D
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Wow, that's cool! Great eyebrows... And I like how you coloured it! :clap:
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