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Patrick O'Brian wishes you...
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Published: December 21, 2005
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... A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! :dance: :dance:
Damn you x-mas spirit :P
Left to right:
*Preserved Killick ( :heart Killick!!! :heart: the toasted cheese king :) )
*Captain Jagiello ( Only for those who have read Book 7 onwards. Pretty Swedish Husar, good friend of Stephen's, really cheerful and clumsy at sea. I liked to paint his hair and research his uniform, but I think that yellow is too dark for him :P )
*Dr. Stephen Maturin ( Who sings like a constipated frog, but I love him for that :) I had serious problems with his eyes just after scanning, and had to re-do them like 100 times! Grrr! And they're still horrible. The red scarf that's strangling him is from "Desolation Island" I think. And he's being squeezed by Jack's trunk-like arm and bulk, which made him harder to draw :P )
*Cpt. Jack Aubrey ( I think his face is too similar to the "Squeak Squeak HArr hArr" dev., but I made his full dress uniform here, with the Nile medal. He's singing in his"melodious, powerful, bass" ; I so love him :) :heart: I have serious problems with his belly and shoulders)
* 1st Ltn. Tom Pullings ( Firts time I ever draw him, and It's the only I can't find any errors. Maybe his face is too boyish, but anyway. He's being squeezed to death by Jack ^^ )
* 2nd Ltn. (And wannabe poet) William Mowett ( I have to practice Mowett more, because I LOVE HIM!! AAH! Sideburns!!! X3 and it's my first time I draw him :P He's trying to read his poem while Tom is trying to share Jack's "bear hug" with him ^^)
Textures from: [link]
I had problems choosing the bg colour and the textures :P I think I kinda spoiled it. But oh well, Enjoy! And Meryy x-mas! :hug:
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This is the most complete thing !
Heromachinist's avatar
The facial expressions are so amazing.
BaronNeutron's avatar
I am a big fan of the series! This is so good!
crimsongriffin28's avatar
Wherever did you research Jagiello's uniform? I am agog. I love the colours!
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SherlockEstebanArielHobbyist General Artist
Did they give an encore of "Three Blind Mice"? Wink/Razz 
starry-girl's avatar
starry-girlHobbyist General Artist
You got them so well! i love them so much i love the detail of the kiss on jagiello as all the ladies love him! i am still new to this series and have just finished the surgeons mate where he appears. agin i love this image and your name!
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UntiltheEarthisFreeHobbyist General Artist
This is so great. So, so so so so great. Killick in the background is just GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!!!!! Lol, who doesn't like him?) ;) ;)

Aww...Tom looks so cute here! I like it! Good job on that scar too. Stephen's face is hilarious too. And of course, Jack... :love: Jack is wonderful.
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KillerKannon13Hobbyist Writer
Just seeing Killick in the background has made me want Toasted Cheese.
Everything about this is just total epicness; well done indeed!
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Just wanted to say that I love everything about this, especially Killick (toasted cheese ftw!) and Mowett (in all his "OMG U GUIZ POETRY IS SRS BZNZ" glory).
JeremyBrettLover27's avatar
JeremyBrettLover27Student Traditional Artist
Tis so cute I can't stop giggling! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
The-Arcadia-Relm's avatar
your Jagiello is almost exactly the same as my Jagiello! i love it when a characters descriptions are so perfect they have a universal look!!!

except, i think you've got a far more appropriate hair colouring, more viking than what i currently have for him. plus i have yet to draw him in uniform! AHHH, so much to do.
Insanity-with-Lyrics's avatar
Insanity-with-LyricsStudent Writer
Pullings lOoks like he's about to pee himself laughing!!!! I knowmi did this makes me so happy!!!!
JeremyBrettLover27's avatar
JeremyBrettLover27Student Traditional Artist
Sooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!! *dies*
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Killick in the background owns us all! :rofl:

Pullings! :heart:

You know that "Jagiello" is actually a Polish last name? :D And it's originally written "Jagiełło". Poland once had a king whose name was Władysław Jagiełło. He was Lithuanian though (that's where that last name came from), but at that time, Poland had a union with Lithuania, so this is it.
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So so so wonderful!!! I don't know if I've commented on this before, but I just finished book 7 and was looking for fanart (you're always a good one for that Miss Steampunk) and lookie what I find!!! Now I know who Jagiello is and I adore him! Even if your interpretation of him is quite different from how I imagined him.

This makes me insanely happy :dance:
KJanuary's avatar
Oh good gracious, this is adorable. And a hilariously modern tribute to O'Brien's characters. Well done!
CaptainAnn's avatar
OMG, I love it. It makes me laugh.

:rofl: Killick...

Your Pullings is very handsome :heart:
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Bad-Luck-BreeHobbyist Traditional Artist

I love it, by the way.
Steampunk-Girl's avatar
I had too many people in one picture, I'm sorry :XD:
Bad-Luck-Bree's avatar
Bad-Luck-BreeHobbyist Traditional Artist
aw...well, he's not an officer anyway...but neither is Stephen, but Stephen is above any naval regulations I guess. I love the musical note differences! Jack's bass and Stephen's abject poverty of vocal talent. XD
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LeoprestonProfessional General Artist
I had forgotten just how much I love your artwork. :love:
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