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long live steam power
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Is this group still alive? Myself as a Steampunk Character (50% photograph) by K4nK4n  
Hi, I wrote an article about steampunk art, in french but you can translate it via google. There are steampunk artists on deviant art just crazy and talented.…
So far I have found the Deviant's welcoming and extremely nice. Maybe if people understood exactly what we are before leaving nasty comments, you might be able to become one  F us. I love every part of the entire group and what they stand for. 🤗🤗
How dare you say DEADgroup. We are probably more alive than you are if you even are still alive.
How can you be so stupid and so respond so idiotically? Do you see my posts, see the date? It took anyone months to respond.

Next time, just grow up - answer the questions submitted or get the group running properly. Triage submissions quickly and respond to requests as they arise. With people like you around, no wonder the group died.