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War of the Worlds Thunderchild by TroC--czarnyrobert War of the Worlds Thunderchild :icontroc--czarnyrobert:TroC--czarnyrobert 2,906 511 Stand and Deliver by Monkey-Paw Stand and Deliver :iconmonkey-paw:Monkey-Paw 259 9 Alchemist 3 by Revolve-Gear Alchemist 3 :iconrevolve-gear:Revolve-Gear 79 18 Steel moon by voitv Steel moon :iconvoitv:voitv 1,761 58 Ultima ratio regum by voitv Ultima ratio regum :iconvoitv:voitv 818 43 A trip to the theatre by PeteAmachree A trip to the theatre :iconpeteamachree:PeteAmachree 7,573 310 Dark Satanic Mills by PeteAmachree Dark Satanic Mills :iconpeteamachree:PeteAmachree 1,213 74 sky harbor. by mcque sky harbor. :iconmcque:mcque 127 3 Vacuum Arachnid No 1 by AMechanicalMind Vacuum Arachnid No 1 :iconamechanicalmind:AMechanicalMind 418 42 Protector by Astri-Lohne Protector :iconastri-lohne:Astri-Lohne 1,290 87 Walk in the Sky by voitv Walk in the Sky :iconvoitv:voitv 576 38 Fill'er Up by t-Pee Fill'er Up :icont-pee:t-Pee 232 58 Second invasion of martians by alexandreev Second invasion of martians :iconalexandreev:alexandreev 503 41 Ratchet and clank 1.0 by svenkaboot Ratchet and clank 1.0 :iconsvenkaboot:svenkaboot 12 2 Newspaper FULL SCREEN Widget for xwidget by Jimking Newspaper FULL SCREEN Widget for xwidget :iconjimking:Jimking 21 18 Steampunk Tank Wallpaper Set by Kurczak Steampunk Tank Wallpaper Set :iconkurczak:Kurczak 176 21
Just to let you know, I see Eclipse has already been rolled out for all non-logged in users. I just visited DA on a Win7 desktop and the usual desktop had been eclipsed... It looked really quite bad. A mobile interface for a desktop system. Text massive, images massive, a huge amount of space at the top (6" or so) where an advertising image is clearly meant to reside and it bears no resemblance to the home page I would like to display. Oh yes, black, unfinished and lacking any polish. Generally not what I wish to use.

I am just letting you know I am closing this group for new submissions/membership as I no longer wish to run my groups given that the new interface will make managing groups on DA an unpleasant chore on a desktop system. Regardless of whether DA implement it now or later it is coming, so my decision is made.

I will leave the group standing but no new submissions will be taken/approved and I wish  you a goodbye unless DA see sense and retain the desktop interface for desktops ad infinitum. The group will be retained for the time being until I decide to close it or transfer it to another co-founder.
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Group Info

We are the third largest steampunk group on Deviantart and we are dedicated to uniting steampunk artists and appreciators of steampunk deviantART. We accept all media, including literature, photography and real world creations.

However, we are always committed maintaining a finished and professional look in our gallery. This means that submission requests will be reviewed and voted on by the group administrators. Submissions will generally be accepted as long as they fit in the appropriate category.

Enjoy Steampunk-Artists and submit!
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Art Creation

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2,404 Members
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Hello chaps! These are your administrators, they make this group run relatively smoothly... If you have any questions, concerns or if you simply want to help please contact any one of them. If you don't get an immediate response try one of the others.



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Group Rules and Info


The group has been closed due to the onset of the DA change known as ECLIPSE. This Deviant admin no longer wishes to maintain this group under the darkness imposed by the ECLIPSE GUI modifications. The group will remain closed until ECLIPSE is improved or overhauled.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Steampunk-Artists group. Please note - this is an ANIME and MANGA free zone

About Us

This is a group featuring ALL aspects of the Steampunk world. We welcome all styles and mediums such as the written word, traditional art, photography, digital art, web designs, clothing, jewellery, cosplay &c as long as the quality is high!

Join Steampunk-Artists today!

Member Rules

Members can submit to the maximum DA allows, currently five per day. Members own submissions must be placed into the correct folder. All submissions of your own art to the featured folder will be rejected as only the moderators will determine what is allowed there. You can suggest another Deviant's art to the Featured folder by comment or PM to an admin.

We reserve the right to move any submissions to/from the featured gallery as we see fit.

All join requests are accepted after review.

When you join we will send you a courtesy welcome on your page to welcome you to the group.

Please be kind and considerate to others, I believe we are a bunch of nice people here!

:star: Group Rules (general)

1. Anyone can join but understand that this group is steered towards the collection and appreciation of Steampunk art

2. Treat other members and admins with respect, no profanities please, anywhere.

3. Have Fun!

4. Don't Spam the group with non-steampunk stuff.

5. Observe the folder structure and submit to the correct location (see below).

6. You MUST read the Rules!

:star: Submitting to the gallery

You do have to be a member to contribute art to the group. All join requests are automatically accepted though I do weed out the spammers.

1. Join our group (if you have not already done so)

2. Click the contribute art button

3. Go to gallery and click the folder you would like to add to (if the deviation is not in the correct folder admins have the right to place it in the correct folder)

4. You can submit up to 5 entries per day!

5. Wait for approval. This could be immediate or take up to a day or so, don't worry - it will happen.

6. The deviation will not be approved if it contains: nudity, extreme violence, copyrighted material, is off topic, or breaks any of deviantART's own policies.

7. We are now happy to receive work-in-progress of
any sort - please make sure it goes into the WIP folder.

8. When submitting new art be sure to place it in the correct folder.

9. Please ensure all submissions have a list of the resources used. if you're too lazy to reference, we may be too lazy to accept

:star: Folders

We are going to be quite strict about submission from this point onward. For a long time deviants submitted into the featured folder and the result was a cluttered mess. We have spent many days tidying up the various folders and we ask you to respect this.

1. Featured - Members and non-members can suggest another Deviant's art to the Featured folder but your own submissions must be placed into any of the other named folders. All submissions of your own art to the featured folder will be rejected as only the moderators will determine what will be allowed there. We reserve the right to move any submissions to/from the featured gallery as we see fit.

2. Cartoon Anime Manga/Comic book - This folder is now closed - this contains our legacy general cartoon style creations regardless of the medium used to create.

First of all I want you to understand why this rule is in place. You may not be aware but the the current prevalent style for children and teens on Deviantart is Anime or Manga and that this group on DA comprises 90% of the submissions that are placed onto to DA. All groups are currently being swamped with these submissions and if we want to remain a group for mature/high quality submissions then we need to maintain a blanket ban on all such work.

So, we discourage general anime /manga cartoons unless they are high quality and have a specific design aspect and reason for creation - but in general this type of submission will not be allowed in this group.

A simple rule is - anything that has overly large eyes isn't wanted. At first it appears a strange rule but in reality it weeds out almost all Manga and Anime art.

Note: The highest quality works of this sort may still be considered and other quality cartoon works may be accepted but there are no guarantees.

So, be aware that if the eye proportions are natural then we are more likely to accept. Images of big doe-eyed animals, girls that look like disney fairies, sexualised cartoon females or any other Disney comic book creatures, human or otherwise, without descriptive text that justifies their design element will be removed without question.

If your submission looks like one of these Japanese inspired cartoons in any way or form then it isn't wanted here and no cute Japanese/Korean TV show boy/girl style photos substituted for anime characters either!

3. Work In Progress - this is a new concept for us - it will allow you submit work that is only partly finished so we can see how the creative process works/progresses.

4. Cosplay, Clothing, Fashion
Fashion - clothing, styles anything as long as it shows an element of Steampunk.

5. Jewellery - Our jewellery section is comprehensive and full of marvellous artefacts. We welcome all new jewellery art. We are very proud of this part of our gallery.

6. Photography - You could put almost everything in here - but we'd rather you didn't. Please check the other folders first to see if there is a more appropriate location, just dumping stuff in here is the first step to being dumped out of the group... This folder should only be used for those unusual images that don't fit anywhere else.

7. Digital Media, Desktop, Mobile, 3D Digital Paintings, Photomanipulation, Pixel Art, Mixed Media with digital content. I know the line between traditional and digital media is blurring but the rule is if it looks like it is made using digital media it will be best to drop it in here.

8. Things, weapons, machines, real life creations
Here we will accept anything that is steampunk in nature but is also real, 3D, a real object, a machine, device, clock, box as long as it is not wearable, goggles accepted!

9. Drawings, paintings, 2D traditional media
Note: If it looks like a painting or drawing then submit it here, if it is truly digital then please submit to the Digital Art folder

10. The Written Word This location is for the written word. Steampunk Art comes in all forms and some of it is written. We cannot determine what might fall into this category. Poetry or prose? We will leave this category here and see what it catches!

11. An untriaged folder for lazy people -This folder will be regularly cleared down, so submit to it at your peril. Please find a more appropriate folder instead.



:star:DeviantArt Specific Rules
FAQ #157:
Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #306:
Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
FAQ #217:
What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Lots of rules - but hopefully what you've come to expect from a DeviantArt group that takes its members seriously. Enjoy your time submitting here - please!

If your submissions are not accepted into this group please do not take offence as we may not accept everything.

Please be aware that if you block comments on your account or on your deviations we will not be able to accept nor host your submissions and you will be removed from the group.

...That's all for now. New rules may be added as we see fit. Serious breaches in the club rules will result in a ban from the club (especially breaking the "respect" and "spamming" rules)

Visit and join our closely affiliated groups:

:iconsteampunk-artists: :iconyahoowidgeteers: :icondesign-addicts:

Gallery Folders

1932 Ariel Redwing Aerocycle by Small-Brown-Dog
Old Industry by Darkki1
Punk by kceg
Cyborg Slave Girl by VanCoralArt
Cosplay, Clothing, Fashion
Kyber-Song1 by Steampunked-Out
Ex Machina by NOBU-Snow
Bracers made of garbage. by boriatushiski
Halloween gothic masks is made of gas masks 4 by boriatushiski
Drawings, paintings, 2D traditional media
Character designs: Barbarian dragon riders by TuomasMyllyla
Matriarchs: Imperial capital by TuomasMyllyla
Treasure Planet by ERA7
The Old Twins by FrankAtt
Digital Media, Desktop, Mobile, 3D
Steampunk Moon Phase Widget and Icons by yereverluvinuncleber
Panzer Flip Clock Widget by yereverluvinuncleber
World of Tanks Hit Rate Gauge by yereverluvinuncleber
Sentinel Engine by JustinTiang
Real life creations, objects, weapons, machines
Watch Parts Dragonfly No 28 w/DVD wings (II) by AMechanicalMind
Watch Parts Beetle No 7 w/DVD wings by AMechanicalMind
SteamBank 2 by dkart71
SteamBank 1 by dkart71
Steampunk Dragon by Wonder-fox
Mother of the mechanical dragons! by Wonder-fox
Mechanical Octopus Necklace by TheoGoth
Cat Robot Golden Copper Eye by TheWizardsVault
Roe IV Triplane (Reproduction) by Daniel-Wales-Images
Lantern of Dreams by Tnynfox

Mature Content

Gas mask 5 in useing 3. by boriatushiski

Mature Content

Post-Apocalypse girl 1. by boriatushiski
The Written Word
Bolts Font by JadeGordon
Painted Blonde Hair Stock 2 by bonbonka
Mass Tourism by stefanparis
I WANT YOU from To Victory by PatrickJac
Journal Entries
Souvenir 2 by dkart71
First panel - AES Fairy by PCFayard
An untriaged folder for lazy people
Before the Devil knows you are dead by janspicka
Anime, Cartoon, Manga, Pokemon
Clockwork cuirassier and a troll by TuomasMyllyla


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