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For the first time in over a decade, I've done some illustrations for an RPG book!

My friend Johnstone Metzger writes and publishes RPG books, many of which can be found here. I got to do four character illustrations for his upcoming Dungeon World adventure "Battle Between the Worlds". It was fun to return to where I got my start, but with the better drawing tools I have today!
I thought folks might like to know where I've been, and I why I haven't posted anything for a few weeks. Well, I've been locked in the editing room, working on the Dead Rising movie (yes, it's the film adaptation of the video game franchise)! It's directed by my friend Zach Lipovsky, and has an amazing cast, including Virginia Madsen and Rob Riggle (ex of the Daily Show). It's a ton of fun, but is sucking up aaaaaaall of my time, probably until around Christmas.

After that, I should have time to start drawing again, and get back to my webcomic Apartmageddon! 'Til then, I hope you all won't forget about me...!
After too many months, I've finally launched my new webcomic, Apartmageddon! The first half of Chapter 1 is now posted at!
The first 15 pages of my new webcomic are done, with more in progress. It's something that I have to fit in around paid work, so my release schedule will be somewhat unpredictable, but I hope to start posting it soon at I'll keep folks posted!
Sorry about the lack of recent posts! Since late January, I've been working on storyboards and animatics for a feature film. Sadly it's nothing I can talk about (or post), and after drawing all week I find I don't have much energy left to work on my own stuff.

But rest assured, once this project is done I'll be getting back at it. Got some more Traveller drawings and my webcomic to work on...
I've barely done any drawing for the last decade, and then only when there was a paycheque involved. I guess it just didn't seem like there was much point, when there was no one outside of a few friends who would see what I drew. But having this space here to share with folks has really turned things around, and I'm rediscovering the joy in drawing again. So thanks folks, for being such an awesome community!

I posted a couple of new experimental cartoon-style drawings last month, and I've just put up a drawing of Yummy Kablam, an old idea from my files with a new spin on it. It's the first time I've tried in YEARS to do a pen & ink illustration like I used to do back in the 90s. I'm still a little rusty, but I seem to still have a lot of the old skills...? Quite a relied really.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to find the time to post more *new* art, now that I've posted most of my old stuff! 
It's been an interesting summer, cutting documentaries and GMing a game of Traveller for the first time in 20 years. Good times!

But one part of my gallery hasn't gotten much attention, and it's time to correct that. In the early 90s I tried REALLY hard to break into comics... but it never really came together. The biggest problems were that a) I was slow, and b) I had a really hard time drawing the same face over and over and having it look like the same person. So I moved on to other forms of visual story-telling, first in video games and then in film.

But I've dusted off some of my many comic pages, and will start posting them shortly. None of these stories were ever finished, and most of them were done before I really hit my stride, with nice shading and more natural figure work. Oh, and my lettering was absolutely APPALLING, which didn't help either. Still, there's some cool little gems buried in them, so I thought I'd share. None of these were ever published, so they appear here for the first time!
Okay, here's the thing that's been keeping me way too busy to upload more art the last few weeks. Well, this and the flu. Anyway, it's the latest music video I directed, for Klezmer/folk/punk artist Geoff Berner: "When DD Gets Her Donkey, Everything Will Be Alright".…

I promise I'll get back to posting art as soon as I finish recovering from both!
Sorry to everyone for the drop off in posts. I've been busy finishing up my latest music video (which premieres next week), doing visual effects, and cutting some doc stuff. But I still have plenty of art still to post, and plan to dig back in as soon as I can! a term that a friend once used to describe me, having only known me since I embarked on career number 3.

Today I finished a rough cut of a new music video I directed, so I thought I'd share a link to my favourite previous one: 2011's "20 Minutes of Oxygen", by the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.…

The Thickets are a nerdcore/Lovecraftian/punk band, and the lead singer/songwriter Toren Atkinson is a good friend and gaming compatriot... and a very talented game illustrator himself.

Anyway, if you're a fan of the sort of humor and sci-fi sensibility I used to put in my drawings, you'll find plenty of it in this video. I just wish I had more opportunities to do stuff like it...
I think at this point I've posted most of my published works, as well as my coolest concept art. There's still lots more to come, but I'll be digging deeper into my sketchbooks and other obscure scribblings. So fair warning - what's to come may be a little more for the die-hard fans or the exceptionally curious... ;)
...I'm editing one music video while in preproduction for another, and it hasn't left much time to respond to comments or upload more drawings. I'll hopefully get back into the swing of things after the weekend!
I have to say, it's been pretty amazing getting so many positive responses since I started posting my work here. Thanks so much everyone for making me feel so welcome!

If you're a fan from the old days, and I haven't posted one of your favourites pieces, do let me know and I'll try to get it online. I'm making choices based on my own tastes, but I'd hate to leave out something that other people really like, just because I can't stop staring at a wonky eye or something. ; )
...So I guess I'll post all my seasonally-themed art. I used to draw a lot of Christmas cards, so I might as well share. That said - I make NO guarantees as to quality! They won't shine a candle to good 'ol Mech on Mech action... but hey, it's Christmas, why not live a little!
After all these years, I'm finally putting an extensive gallery of my illustration work online.

It'll be a slow process though. Please bear with me as I gradually trickle out everything I can find and scan from my back catalogue!