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How do you even see in this? by SteamNewt How do you even see in this? :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 13 3 Autobot Blu color sketch by SteamNewt Autobot Blu color sketch :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 5 1 TF Animated Soundwave sketch by SteamNewt TF Animated Soundwave sketch :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 1 1 Decepticon Cogger by SteamNewt Decepticon Cogger :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 2 2 Darling Royale- inside by SteamNewt Darling Royale- inside :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 2 4 Darling Royale - overview by SteamNewt Darling Royale - overview :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 3 3 Darling Royale- steambike by SteamNewt Darling Royale- steambike :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 2 2 The crew of the Darling Royale by SteamNewt The crew of the Darling Royale :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 3 2 Darling Royale - a steampunk spaceship by SteamNewt Darling Royale - a steampunk spaceship :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 5 1 Kenny mech mode- Come at me ro-bro by SteamNewt Kenny mech mode- Come at me ro-bro :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 3 3 Kenny 1.3 shooting pose by SteamNewt Kenny 1.3 shooting pose :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 5 3 Kenny 1.3 Mech mode plasma cannon by SteamNewt Kenny 1.3 Mech mode plasma cannon :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 3 2 Kenneth Baker 1.3 Mech mode (back) by SteamNewt Kenneth Baker 1.3 Mech mode (back) :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 2 1 Kenneth Baker 1.3 Mech mode by SteamNewt Kenneth Baker 1.3 Mech mode :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 7 3 Johnny Cogger and Kenneth Baker by SteamNewt Johnny Cogger and Kenneth Baker :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 3 2 Kenny 1.3 Updated cockpit design by SteamNewt Kenny 1.3 Updated cockpit design :iconsteamnewt:SteamNewt 2 4



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The Newt
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Salutations, brave and unfortunate, who happen to stumble upon this page!
I'm truly sorry for you to witness all these!
Anyhow, I'm the Newt. Admirer of steampunk, figures, lego, animation, cartoons, and all the wonders of childishness and weirdness.
I studied animation in one of the strangest, coolest, and most open hearted art school in my country, and currently continuing the same studies in a Budapest university.

I believe I am a creative mind, although I know I am one lazy abomination of an artist -seeing my drawings and uploads above, you surely get the idea of my lazy and effortless manner-, however I am truly interested in creating a cartoon, story- and animation-wise alike, only hoping to change my lazy attitude, and start producing more quality work rather than pretty garbage-like student films, and sketchy drawings.


Autobot Blu color sketch
Since this jumpy little cuteness belongs to Okamigirlnel , all her design and character was created by her, evidently. I just had a few minutes of brain fart and decided to sketch her

'Blu', a short for Blue-skyward, is a low-ranking, enthusiastic Autobot femme, who turns into a small light-cargo carrier helicopter. One of the many mysteries regarding her, is whether she's actually a Minicon or just a short stack, which never really bothers her. 

The pumped up and tireless little unit is basically an Autobot fan-girl. Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Ratchet, name any of the mainstream guys and she's squealing in awe.
The little 'bot is always eager to follow the Autobot morals and do the right thing despite all her size and strength limitations, which only makes it more impressive that she can stand her own against a full-grown mech any time.
During her service on Earth she found her nemesis in the form of a Decepticon caretaker, who's constantly harassed by the small heli. Blu's improvised weapon of choice his her carrier hook from her vehicle mode, which she can use in the most variant and brutal ways.
Decepticon Cogger
"Quick personality analysis- Now that's a good one... As he designates himself, Cogger, is the type of cocktail you get, when you kindly ask a bartender in Kaon to surprise you. He's the mixture of a youthful and enthusiastic cowboy, and a senile old hermit... a hermit that secretly keeps an arsenal of doomsday-devices in his basement. Seemingly quite young, but of what information he was willing to share, implies he goes way back, in Cybertronian, and Decepticon history alike. Cogger refuses to tell any specific personal information about himself. Other than vague stories about certain friends, studies and absurd, humorous pub stories, the mech strictly refuses to give out anything personal. After several sessions of attempts, we'd given up on that. If what he claims is true, and this laid-back, young spirited cybertronian truly hides an ancient spark, it would explain several abnormalities of the Decepticon: While he's cheerful and more than eager to communicate, there are undeniable signs of bipolar disorder, and subtle hints of PTSD which, again, given his role in the past stellar cycles of Decepticon activities, is understandable. A friendly advice: Do NOT let him get drunk." -Unknown psychiatrist.

Cogger, by his birthname, "Cringe" of Yuss is a forged mech, and quite a puzzle, if someone is that crazy to seek a reasoning behind his actions. Failing his studies, being recruited in the rising Autobot army and ending up betrayed by his dearest and closest friend are just mere examples on why Cogger decided to don the Decepticon badge, and why he wears it with pride.
Despite looking like a completely harmless nutjob, Cogger left his whimp days behind long ago, not only utilizing his standard war-era weaponry, but also his glitching Transformation-Cog, which he can use to mimic his enemies' weapons, armor, limbs, even their entire body frame.
Due to his skilled and versatile nature, Cogger, to this day, is classified a caretaker/Handy-man.
Darling Royale- inside
Screech Owls were a type of power-saving spaceships during the Earth energy crisis in the late 2500's.
They got their names from their oddly designed cockpit and windshield, which was ironically one of the most hated aspects of this model, since it made navigation a nightmare on standard issue models.
Their main purpose was transporting cargo and bigger families, especially during the great planetary emigration, when thousands of families traveled to planet Felicity, the new hope of the human race. 
After planet Earth's remaining population has been thrown back into a gothic, victorian era, utilizing remaining technology and steam engines, Screech Owls were one of the first aerial vehicles to be used, due to their modular design.

The Diarrhea Royale (or "Darling Royale" by it's officially registered name) is one of these, modified by a previous, unknown owner. Aside from the obvious aesthetic upgrades, the Royale possesses an alternative power core, fabricated from an unknown, glowing mineral that gives the whole ship's mechanical segments a light blue glow.
Aside from it's two standard rear thrusters and bottom maneuvering jets, the Royale is also equipped with a couple of side rockets, that gives her almost impossible maneuvering ability, and most importantly, it makes her able to perform a Crazy Ivan while she's also able to reach Mach 6.7. For an alternative land transport, the ship contains four compact steambikes.
On her hull, the Darling spots three couples of dual cannons, controlled by a central targeting console in the internal mast of the ship, thus one gunner can operate all the six cannons.

In it's rather famous, or more correctly, notorious ages, the Darling is in the service of a group of ex outlaws and anti-heroes, trying to clean the neo-victorian Earth in their unique, self-righteous way.


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