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Hey all,

First, I would like to thank everyone who wrore for Steamhawke, but for those who are no longer active members, I am going to change your position at the group to 'member'. I would like to try and get the group rolling, and to do that I am going to get some help from an active writer who also has posted some Steamhawke related art.

Hopefully, we will be able to make Steamhawke's dA group as active and interesting as our roleplay site! So get ready for some changes!

Steamhawke Stats:
Users: 12
Characters: 13
NPCs: 11
Total story posts: 159
Current Chapter: Chapter 6: Desperate Times
Far from dead
Currently we are in the middle of an epic battle, between Jack Stallion's Sky Tiger and Daenelia Bradley's Steamhawke. And we're finishing the fight on our new domain. Current members can log in with the regular login details. If there are any problems, please note me or pm me on the ooc-forum.

We're full steam ahead with our 16 active members!

Visit at
The next time you click on the "Forum" link on the Steamhawke website, you will be sent to the magical new Steamhawke forum. Instead of using a part of our original Five and Dae forum, Daenelia has set up a brand new part of the website that is just for discussing Steamhawke, or chatting about whatever you like.

Members are encouraged to join, and use the forum to plan out story posts and find members to write with. It is not necessary to register with your character name, because you can list your characters in your profile. It's up to you!

Readers of the Steamhawke are also welcome to join the forum and chat. We are always happy to know that guests are reading our stories and we'd love to form a larger community than just the writers.
Members 12
Active Characters 11
Current Chapter 2

Yes! I thought a deviantART group seemed appropriate. Especially since a few of our players are on dA as well. As an opening event I would like to enlist some help in creating an image of the sky ship Steamhawke. Five/McGinty has already been hard at work sketching a layout of the ship, but he 'lacks the artistic skill' to draw it and I lack the time.

Sketches to follow

You can read about the ship here, and if you have been reading the stories you should have some mental image of the ship by now. I'd like to emphasize that any size or quality is appreciated, as long as the image looks like a sky ship as we have been talking about on Steamhawke. I should make a folder in the Gallery, shouldn't I? Oh, and if you do submit something, would you please state if we can also use it as an illustration on the site and the wiki? That'd be lovely, thank you.

Now, on to folders and notifying some people that the group is here.