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Welcome to Steamhawke

Steamhawke is a steampunk role-playing game set in an original fantasy world.

In the 19th century the nations of Terra are undergoing a second industrial revolution. Steam power is now so advanced that ships can rise from the surface of the ocean. These "sky ships" come in all shapes and sizes, and mankind uses them for trade, for luxury, and for war.

Always getting themselves into trouble are the Sky Pirates. Whether seen as deceitful villains, or noble romantics, these pirates make names for themselves by plundering other vessels and exploring the world in search of treasure.

Visit Steamhawke!

This roleplay is not played out on deviantArt, but at our site. You can create a character there and post your writing for all to read.

This group is for showing off art related to Steamhawke and to provide a some inspiration for steampunk fantasy pirate related matter.

Members 12
Active Characters and NPCs 24
Current Chapter 6

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Steampunk Computer by steamworker Steampunk Computer :iconsteamworker:steamworker 1,910 191 I Like Big Boats by AgarthanGuide I Like Big Boats :iconagarthanguide:AgarthanGuide 740 76 Merman by 5T1N9R4Y Merman :icon5t1n9r4y:5T1N9R4Y 210 36 Mercenaries by Real-SonkeS Mercenaries :iconreal-sonkes:Real-SonkeS 4,339 220
Currently, the roleplay groups Steamhawke has been going for a year and a half. We're on chapter 8, and on our 231st post.

We have 12 members, writing for an assorted group of characters.

Our Steamhawke Wiki has 111 content pages, and is edited frequently.

Currently our story is set in The Old West, with the crew on their way to find the lost treasure.
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Join requests are still closed...
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That's weird. We've had ploenty of people join lately. Lemme see.
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I have any idea for a contest,how about genderbending our characters?
Daenerys Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Well, go right ahead an organise that :) I trust you with the group.

But keep in mind a lot of the writer-payers may not like to draw or paint, but if you include a story entry as a possibility, that could work!
SolPicador Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I am in, for the writing part! For the photoshop part, I have nothing against someone doing this to Fernando Colunga, who is my playby, but don't expect ME to do it because I can't.
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Lol join requests are closed but I'd love to join when it's open ;D In support and all that <3
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Oh shoot :P I am opening it now. These groups are not very user friendly...
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