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  • Listening to: Rise Against - The Black Market
  • Reading: Art Books
  • Watching: The Office (US)
  • Playing: Magic: the Gathering
  • Eating: Home Cooking
  • Drinking: Exorbitant amounts of Coke
So, wanting, Yet again, to revamp my online presence, so DA is being cleaned of work I'm not too devoted to being exhibited.

If you want to find my general art that will be non-exclusive, check out my tumblr:

if you want to contact me or creepily follow me in more special ways:

Steamhat on twitter

and if you wanna look deeper into my internet presence:
  • Listening to: Periphery II
  • Reading: 3 Panel Soul
  • Watching: Cougar Town
  • Playing: Heroes of Newerth
  • Eating: My Strange Concoctions
  • Drinking: Tap Water
yeah i gotta really make some art.

okay let's do that.

If anyone is ever interested in getting more updated aspects of my life:
see my Blogspot
  • Listening to: Cyanotic
  • Reading: Preacher
  • Watching: All my Series for a second Run -___-
  • Playing: Heroes of Newerth
  • Eating: What i can afford
  • Drinking: Cough Medacine

you know the rest
  • Listening to: Protest the Hero - Kezia
  • Reading: Sandman
  • Watching: Wakfu
  • Playing: Arcanum
  • Eating: concrete and vitamins
  • Drinking: Vimto, which looks like iron deficient blood
really just a calling for having a look at my blog, it has sketches that few others see :)

the link is still

hope you're all enjoying my occasional updates...
  • Listening to: Periphery
  • Reading: HP Lovecraft
  • Watching: Warehouse 13
  • Playing: Pokemon White
  • Eating: other people's food, stil
  • Drinking: other people's water
JUST posted my first art on my artblog, so far nothing new really, but soon soon there'll be sketch uploads, sketches that none but my friends and passersby's've seen... please give me a readership! :P
  • Listening to: Endgame - Rise Against
  • Reading: Scott Pilgrim hard copies :D
  • Watching: Merlin
  • Playing: SA HON
  • Eating: other people's food
  • Drinking: Coke Zero
so yeah, my life is totally psychotic, need a new phone, a place to sleep definitely and many other things to get my life in order, withall this a decrepit relationship and generally feeling like i'm the paragon of failure :D
not even my art is happening as often as i'd like seeing as i'd prefer a more stable place for my PC.

struggling artist ftw! -_________-
  • Listening to: How to Train Your Dragon OST
  • Reading: Webcomics, Metric EFF tons of them
  • Watching: Corrupted Content Cartoons
  • Playing: with myself here.... lfg plx...
  • Eating: seemingly everything today.
  • Drinking: the concept of saturation
okay, welcome to the domain of the Steamhat
i'm not a noob that has recently joined DA but more a seasoned user in search of a LESS CRAP USERNAME!!!

my previous account was… and i may make a few resubs from that gallery but otherwise please take a look and if you liked what i've done: WATCH THIS SPACE

if anyone is Curious,
i'm 18
been seriously art-making for 5 years
Studying Animation with great hopes of becoming an Illustrator
Hoping that DA shall treat me very well