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My Bio

Hi there. </)>

I'm an aspiring artist, focusing mainly on creating art related to MLP.

Other artistic interests include making fanart of many things, as well as environment and original character artwork unrelated to anything.

Those other things are my goals for the future however, for now you can expect my posts to be almost always MLP focused.

Current account name is subject to change.

Names are hard to come up with though, so it might take a while.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully my gallery has something you like.

Favourite Visual Artist
I can't pick a favourite at the moment.
Favourite Movies
Animated ones, not musicals though.
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Gravity Falls.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like many types of music from many people, mainly instrumental music. I'm particularly fond of video game music.
Favourite Books
The Artemis Fowl series.
Favourite Writers
Eoin Colfer. (The writer of Artemis Fowl.)
Favourite Games
Halo series. (Only the Halo games Bungie made.) Half-Life series. Skyrim. Bastion. Dark Souls 1&3. Hollow Knight. Warframe. Many more..
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360.
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Music. Writing (on occasion).

Chrysalis and the Changelings

Chrysalis and the Changelings

This is the theory I thought up about Chrysalis and her kind. I thought I'd type it out here like I have some of my other theories. The "Changelings" were once residents of a town somewhere outside of Equestria to the west. Placed at the side of a wooded area and with a stream running off-centre through. Sounds like a similar description to Ponyville.. and I suppose the town itself was peaceful and fairly active like Ponyville is. "Chrysalis" and the rest were just normal ponies, and their town had a fairly even split between aura ponies (See my other post explaining that name)  and pegasi. There were only a small few unicorns, one of whic

The planet of the ponies

The planet of the ponies

For all future references to the world of the ponies, I have decided to name their planet. Feel free to use the same name, or to disregard my preference of name entirely. :) I tried to come up with a magical sounding name, yet keeping it fairly short and quick to say. I also came up with this name for another reason.. Earth ponies. Since I don't believe they are on a certain version of our world.. how have they got that name? So.. now they are called something different which I think fits well. This also means that they don't call the ground "Earth".. although actually thinking about it I don't think they have anyway.. well now they'll cer

Theory of passive magic

Theory of passive magic

At the time of the massive magical event, which I mentioned in the previous theory, all the ponies were infused with magic. While unicorns (and alicorns) are the only ponies who can actively use magic, all ponies have a natural "passive" magic, which does a variety of things. I have named a few uses, but I'm sure there are more. A visual sign of the fact that they all have passive magic, is their cutie marks. If you don't know the meaning of "passive magic" in this context, I have attempted an explanation at the very bottom. Pegasi have a unique passive magic effect of being able to manipulate and walk on clouds. Earth ponies have a uniq

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