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But Azog's victory was short-lived. He saw that the Orcs in the valley were being routed by the Dwarves, and he tried to flee back into Moria, but then Nain's son Dain Ironfoot slew Azog with his axe.
Azog's head was cut off and put on a stake, and the bag of coins he had thrown at Nar was stuffed into his mouth. But although the Dwarves won the Battle of Azanulbizar they did not reclaim Moria, for they had suffered much loss and Dain had looked through the East-gate into Moria and became aware that Durin's Bane, the Balrog, still lurked there.
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I personally preferred the book version of Middle-Earth, that was what Tolkien originally wrote! :D
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and a line of less on the book of grudges ... oops bad universe XD
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Through-the-moviesHobbyist Artist
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What I like particularly with this drawing, is how it showcase the brutality of the orc-dwarf conflict. Tolkien spun that theme well here, and this painting rise to those standards. And more dwarves are always appreciated!
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Totally agree with you!
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Though we all know that Balin would insist on reclaiming Moria for Durin's folk and how that ended. Funny enough though because even though he knew that the Balrog was alive and lurking the dwarfs that set out to reclaim Moria were able to briefly hold the majority of the halls from the west to the east but were later pushed back by orcs emerging through the old mines from further north. At that time the Balrog had probalby been slumbering somewhere deep in Khazad-dum. It can be speculated that not the dwarfs but actually feeling Gandalf's presence as a fellow Istari woke the Balrog, considering they tripped through Moria for several days and Gandalf was the first in centuries to cast magic there.
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I'll never understand why Mr. Jackson resurrected Azog for the movies. Bolg was the main enemy in the Hobbit. He blundered quite a few things, like leaving out the 17 year time skip after Bilbos  111th birthday and the begin of the journey. 
Love your gallery. Gorgeous art.
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I'm my opinion Bolg would have made a better antagonist
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Hmm.. indeed, by the way. ANd I don't see a big difference between them in terms of charisma as the leaders and warriors.
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I like how you have some of the coins falling out of his mouth.  Great detail!
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Ashamed  You think?)..
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MuttMixHobbyist Writer
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Awesome. Trophy
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Good dramatic scene. As always you find a way to depart from the standard perspective and give us a different perspective with an interesting take on the scene.
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Would you do art where Dwalin and Balin looking for Train when he was lost during that trip was mention books by Tolkien? It would be nice.
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I already have thousands of unfinished sketches. The queue for this story is too long :rabid: 
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Awesome. :trophy:
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Impressing. "Appendices" are so underrated in some way. Have you thought in do some art about the Easterlings (Wainriders or Balchoth) or Haradrims? That could be great.
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I agree with you, it's much more interesting to work with these materials. And of course I thought about it. Even made color sketches. Just a pity that I have not enough time to finish all of this.
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Amazing job >w< Perspective and details are just perfect~!
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This is totally epic!
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