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The royal court of Thingol

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Guess who is who?
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Melian and Thingol are easily recognizable, I guess the two left warriors are Beleg to the Iron Bow and Mablung? Luthian is easy to recognize too and I guess the flutist behind her is Daeron. on the other hand, I confess that I have no idea who are the men sitting at the foot of thrones. maybe Turin and Tuor?
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I think it's Tuor. Honestly, this drawing was made so long ago that I don't remember who exactly I was portraying.
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AylathaHobbyist General Artist
Tuor never came to Doriath, though... And he'd be blond, too.
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lol, what do you represent on your painting? euuh how to tell you, I can not remember, XD however it's a great job as usual ... oh maybe Beren too, after all it is relatively important no?
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Stop laughing at me! I'm an old woman, I can be wrong.
I'm kidding)))
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bigartisteArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very beautiful piece. There is only one thing that I do not approve: Melian looking down as if she was humbly bowing down under Thingol's rein. That might be something very familiar from throne scenes in movies but I don't approve that with one of the Maiar. She's no "ordinary" queen and even ordinary queens should not be depicted like that. They are not prisoners of kings.
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I kinda thought she was looking down at the elf leaning on her knee.
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bigartisteArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
I considered that too, but she doesn't really have any tilt to her head whatsoever. 
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Of course you're right. Today I would have drawn it differently.
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I love how tactile you made the elves. :) I don't remember ever seeing any court scene in classical paintings (mentioning them specifically because they were done in time when monarchies were the norm) where people were touching like this. It makes elves kind of other-worldly and different, but at the same times humanizes them. Does that even make sense? lol
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I tried to do so)
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 Most excellent!:) (Smile)  
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Really? Over time, this image has ceased to like me.
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 Well then you'll just have to give it a stern father-and-child lecture to make it remember all that it owes to your creativity!;) (Wink) 
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whittingtonrhettHobbyist Digital Artist
from one tolkien artist to another, I really gotta say I aboslutely love your works from the Silmarillian. looking through your gallery has been awesome. I keep finding thumbnails and just by seeing them, I know exactly which stories you are depicting. there are only a handful of people that I know of (in my immediate circle) that have read or know the tales from the silmarillion, so its awesome to get on here and see scenes from it rendered so beautifully. I may have said it on here before, but Awesome work man!
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ZahyebahStudent General Artist
This is amazing!
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blueflameblueroseHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome! but where's Celeborn?
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Not fit in the composition.
...Just kidding.Well,I guess I just forgot about him.Sorry.
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WilltheArtManProfessional Traditional Artist
Very cool!

I did a Thingol and Melian throne piece, waaay back in the day, at…
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Twins?)Absolute sexual equality
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Luthien looks beautiful!

Why Meliana's throne is shorter than Thingol's?
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I don't know.Optical illusions?)
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LadyBrookeCelebwenHobbyist General Artist
This is gorgeous! :D
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