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Mim tells Turin about the Bar-en-Danwedh

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Very beautiful, like all your work, although I imagined Mim to be shorter and smaller than that; I'm pretty sure Tolkien mentioning the petty-dwarves being of lesser stature than normal dwarves. Nonetheless, really lovely :-) You have an uncanny ability to make these illustrations look old and story-book like whilst at the same time modern (i.e., the digital medium)
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Thanks) Now I could paint this picture otherwise.
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I still love it and your art - especially your renditions of M-earth.
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Spectacular work. I'll post it here:
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I love the look of Mim's face. Like he tries to show respect and hide something at the same time. He doesn't trust Turin AND he can't be trusted himself.
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Yes!That's what I wanted to repict!)
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Then you captured them beautifully!
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Your work is amazing. If I have asked before, please forgive me, but perhaps you would interested in joining my contest [link]
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Marvelous artwork. :dalove:
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Awesome painting! Mim looks quite sneaky.
By the way - is it me, or does the bearded man on the left with the quiver have elven ears? :)
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OO Oh my!It is an optical illusion!Mostly...
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