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Men met Dark Elves

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Chapter 12 Of Men /  Yet it is told that ere long they met Dark Elves in many
places, and were befriended by them; and Men became the companions and
disciples in their childhood of these ancient folk, wanderers of the Elven-
race who never set out upon the paths to Valinor, and knew of the Valar
only as a rumour and a distant name
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You always seem to pay attention to the moments that no one else does.

The only thing I might have wished in this picture is that it was actually Twilight or getting on to darkness when Men met the dark elves, because the dark elves were said to love the Twilight.

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Очень нравится :) Мне вообще нравится толкиновская концепция темных эльфов.
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Lovely drawing Steamey  up and beyond your usual standard of drawing.
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Why? Thank you, but ..why? I have any standards? Oo... I didn't realize it before.
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Dear Steamey I do think you realize you have standards for your artwork there are always excellent, but I think you are beginning
to think about the layout and detail of the composition which make them look realistic. An that is a compliment to your artwork.
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Wow, thank you)
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My pleasure Miss Steamey look forward to see more of your Tolkien artwork.
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So evil elves are cannon in middle earth universe ?! :o
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The 'Dark' Elves of Middle Earth aren't evil as they would never have sided with Sauron or Melkor. They are known as Moriquendi or Elves of Darkness and they were the elves who never saw the light of the two trees in Valinor and never left Middle Earth. The term Moriquendi is only applied to the Avari but it is a term for the Avari, Sindar and Nandor.
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True; I finished the book now too; So they only a 'race' of Elves; Not even a Subspecies
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TahaG8Hobbyist General Artist
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MatejCadilHobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting scene, great to see it. :-)
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Thanks Hug 
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SarkaSkorpikovaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wondeful painting and not very often depicted scene! I love it :) The little blue dressed and beige-hooded child is the best! :aww:
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Yeah, my fav too))
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So awesome, as usual ! clap remake 1b 
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Really nice details! really good job :)
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Really beautiful, so wish i could see this in larger form so i could see all the detail. It's lovely.
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I'm afraid, the image is too stretched... :confused 
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Oh well, it's still beautiful!
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