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Making the Girdle of Melian

By steamey
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Thingol encountered Melian in the woods of Nan Elmoth and fell under Melian's enchantment of love for long, long years.[3] As a result of his absence a portion of his followers stayed behind to search for him; the rest continued on to Valinor.[4] Melian and Thingol thereafter founded the kingdom of Doriath in Middle-earth. Their daughter Lúthien Tinúviel married the Man Beren. As a result Melian's Maian blood passed to both Elves and Men.
When war with the Great Enemy, Morgoth, came to Doriath she used her powers to guard and defend it with a protection called the Girdle of Melian.
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Legolas and friend communing with nature.

Beautifully drawn.

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Hi, This is a wonderful picture. I am a musician and I do a bit of composing. I have composed a piece which is sung by Melian to sing the Girdle into being. I was hoping to be able to use this artwork as a static image in the video when I post it on YouTube. If permission is granted I will give full credit in the text accompanying the video. I compose for the love of it and make no money at all. here is a link to my YouTube Channel so you can see what I have done in the past.…
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Kentrkatty1Professional Traditional Artist
beautiful <3
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У вас очень красивые картины. Слушаю Eldamar, смотрю ваши креативы и погружаюсь в мир Арды...
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Пасиб) Очень старалась ухватить атмосферность за хвост
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для поддержания атмосферности)
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Пасиб)) Турина и мёртвого Белега тоже рисовала под один трек)
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ArianeVassProfessional General Artist
They are my favorite pair in the Silmarillion. <3 I was so disheartened when Thingol died. =_=

Once again, amazing, amazing work! 
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Thank you, dear^^
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EllethOfMossflowerHobbyist Writer
Oh, this is beautiful! I love all the stars and the sparkles in her dress and around her that suggest starlight. I also think it's interesting how you made her arms glow.
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How the picture draws you in, Thingol staring sternly of to the side as his wife makes the protection of their lands and just the entire thing is omggggg so perfect :love::iconcannotevenplz:
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Sincerely thank)) Hug 
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Amazing work!
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Thank you! ^^
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EvilScarrlettHobbyist General Artist
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Thank you)
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EvilScarrlettHobbyist General Artist
you're welcome!
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PicturePerfect96Student Artist
Beautiful colors, nice blue and the twinkle in her dress makes it look as though stars or magic is attracted toward her.
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Thank you)
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Вот сразу видно кто тут главный)))
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EEHillsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice to see one of the less-often-depicted things from the silmarillion.
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...and there's a lot of work).
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Really beautiful.
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Thank you)
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