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The Sindar, not yet acquainted with dwarves, thought the Petty-dwarves were animals, and hunted them. Not until the dwarves of the Ered Luin established contact with the Sindar did the latter realize what the Petty-dwarves were. Afterwards they were mostly left alone, but not before the Petty-dwarves came to hate all elves with a passion.
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Я думаю это была отмазка синдарской пропаганды, а еще все удивляются почему мол гномы не любят эльфов :)
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You know, what's important here is what is NOT explicitly said: the Sindar "thought the Petty-dwarves were animals, and hunted them." And why would one hunt animals? To eat them.

Elves ate dwarves. Something none of them will ever be able to accuse dwarves of. And considering that elves are immortal, some of them dwarf-eaters might even be still alive in the third age.

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Once more establishing the fact that elves are arogant, racist bastards that deserves whats comming for them: An axe to their pointy eared head! Great axe 
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oh my!.. It seems you really hate them)
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Nah, don't really hate them, its just me channeling my inner dwarf from an rpg I played with some friends :)
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Wow, this is perhaps the best picture you have in your gallery! The emotions are so strong - the fear, confusion, desperation, fury... I love elves, but this breaks my heart, especially the fact, that the dwarves are holding only branches...
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This is just my interpretation. Perhaps the text implied that they took with them a real weapon, when they went out of their clans.
But thnks anyway;)
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EEHillsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm skeptical of elves explanation for this. They must have been lying to themselves. (Yes, I know the elves really did do this)

I also really hope they didn't eat them, if they insist they thought the petty dwarves were animals.
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What? No. It's Tolkien. It's not George Martin... Eat dwarfs?! No.
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yes but with tolkien, there are massacres, tortures and even an incestuous marriage then one more step in the horror ...
(no but serious, I still do not understand that the Elves did not find it weird that the "beasts" wear CLOTHES!) lol)
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Hahaha, I've never seen an image of it, and the first one stumbled across is perfect!

"Milord, the beasts wear clothes!"
"That's just body hair, shoot to kill!"

Poor petty dwarves. Getting sniped without provocation by those Sindar Elves. Characters, surroundings, lightplay. Very hard to improve upon here.
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"Body hair" Icon Giggle yeah..
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TigerEstoqueHobbyist General Artist
Yeah that tends to happen when you kill members of certain race for hundreds if not thousands of years ...
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So that's where the hate comes from :o
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Not only. Remember the episode of Thingol. And I think there were other incidents that the author simply did not mention in the text.
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Wow... Tolkien could be really dark when he wants to :o
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You said it. And the whole Silmarillion is a compilation of grim bloody stories I think.
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I still remember the story that Glaurung sets in... It was terrifying... :o
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Indeed. But I was most touched by the story of Turin. Whatever he did, whatever he touched - everything collapses and dies. It's existential, hopeless and fatalistic part of the book. I don't like to read it. There's no hope.
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there is hope but not in Arda because Morgoth Bauglir defiled him with his evil, his creations and his manipulations. But it is said that at the end of time, when the Black Enemy of the World will return to destroy it, the Ainurs will compose a new Great Music in which the Elves and the Humans will participate and they will create a new Arda, liberated from Evil.

and then frankly, if everything ended well as barbie or my little pony, it would not be serious XD)
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It is\was so stressing; very depressive; I'm surprised that even Tolkien wrote a story like that :o
Considering many people even young people do read the book

[( so sorry for my late replies; university finals are really a bad thing ^^; )]
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If you are interested in reading something similar you should try "The Broken Sword" by Poul Anderson. It was released in the same year as LOTR and both Anderson and Tolkien were greatly influenced by the viking sagas and Beowulf. It is in a lot of places very like the Turin story.
When you read it you can see why the Silmarillion is as dark as it is.
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Oh! I hope you didn't fail the exams? (thank God my study is over!)
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