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Feanor with silmaril

Tomorrow I go to the premiere of "The Hobbit"^^
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WOW. Prob my fave Silmarillion character. Beautiful red here.

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"Когда мир будет стар, а Силы утомятся, тогда Моргот, увидев спящую стражу, вернётся через Врата Ночи из Безвременной Пустоты; и уничтожит он Солнце и Луну. Но к нему спустится Эарендиль, подобный белому опаляющему пламени, и низвергнет его с небес. Тогда на полях Валинора грянет Последняя Битва. В тот день Тулкас сразится с Морготом, и по правую руку от него будет Эонве, а по левую — Турин Турамбар, сын Хурина, освобождённый от Судьбы Людей в Конце Мира; и чёрный меч Турина принесёт Морготу смерть и окончательную гибель; и так будут отомщены дети Хурина и все люди.

После этого Земля будет разрушена и переделана, и Сильмариллы будут извлечены из Воздуха, Земли и Моря; ибо Эарендиль спустится и отдаст то пламя, что было дано ему на хранение. Тогда Феанор возьмёт Три Самоцвета и он разобьет Камни, и с помощью их огня Йаванна вновь зажжет Два Древа, и тогда загорится великий свет. И падут Горы Валинора, так что Свет распространится по всему миру. В том свете Боги вновь станут юными, а эльфы пробудятся, и восстанут все их мёртвые, и замысел Илуватара касательно эльфов будет завершён."

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У него прекрасный взгляд! Такой маниакальный! Да, это Феанор!
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Love it! His expression is awesome!
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Wonderful work!
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This is perfect in almost every detail. It's just- he was said to wear the silmarils on his brow at feasts, and well- yours is  a little too large for that.
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Он прекрасен.
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No wonder this is the top Google image search result for Fëanor. That's him alright, executed with customary style and skill. What's not to like? There's only one image of Fëanor which I think captures his fiery, hungry and powerful character even better than this very painting, and that's this drawing which I can't backtrack to easily on Deviantart:…

Tolkien made him a highly interesting, complex, talented and flawed character. Easily the best in the entire Lotr/Silmarillion/Hobbit fiction, and one of the very best even outside it. I always feel Silmarillion goes downhill when Fëanor is dead, even though there's lots of good stuff to come...

Beside, it would be marvellous if you ever attempted one or more fall of Gondolin pieces.
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Someday, sure!The Silmarillion is very inspiring. It is literally a ton of themes for the drawings. One problem - the lack of time due to work.I need to make a living and there's no getting around it.
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Wow :heart: Now that is an incredible piece of work o___o
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Nevermind if I already told you, but I adore this picture. Very intense and beautiful and I love the light and shadows!
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Thank you anyway;)
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Sorry, Féanor had a troubled childhood but that doesn't excuse his arrogance. His father did a very poor job in allowing so much rivalry to grow between the half-brothers. This image depicts Féanor's character very well, I think. Please give us a convincing portrait of Fingolfin, too, who had a heart as big as a whale. And what about Féanor's mother Miriel, who got re-embodied as soon as her husband was slain so that they didn't have to meet in Mandos' 'Halls of Awaiting.' She got a nice job in weaving tapestries depicting the whole tragedy her son was leading his people into. And I'd like to know what Finwë told his beloved son when he showed up in the abovementioned halls. I hope he's still slapping him around. Keep going, please!
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In fact it was Finwe himself who offered Valar to trade his resurrection for hers, for she didn't have rights to be resurrected (her spirit had left her body of her own free will). He met Miriel, offered to stay in Mandos with Feanor, and she accepted but she never really got back to life, stayed near them with special permission from Valar.

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Tough and straightforward. To some extent you are right... It's hard to judge these things.
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Must you draw such glorious art on the character I despite most on Middle-Earth? Ah, you're so skilled at drawing facial bone structures and skin, it's amazing... As always.

I love you art to pieces, and I hope Peter Jackson will not touch the Silmarilion at all now that you made so many wonderful illustrations for it. The only thing that would make it all ever greater would be to get to publish an illustrated series edition of the Silmarilion. I'd buy it without blinking. When I say series, through, it's because of the price more than the length.

But still totally worth it!
(Or an ebook? The Estate doesn't even need to know—you can just sell it to me~kay I shut up)
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Woah! I had no idea that my drawings have such an impact!
But you know, I'm not so adamantly set in relation to the film adaptation. It's not the direction... rather a desire to see the carefully designed furniture, weapons, appearance, architecture design and characters. Agree that Peter succeeded.All my elves and the atmosphere are the result of the inspiration for his work.He showed that fantasy can be represented as a historical scene. Realistic, ambitious, impressive.Otherwise I would probably draw something in the style of illustrations to the old tales. Something schematic and possibly black and white.
And about the Silmarillion ... You're a little ahead of the event)). Now I'm waiting for an answer from one of the publishers, whose owners also like Tolkien. Don't know what they will decide, but I hope for a positive response. Recently went on sale a reissue of The Silmarillion with illustrations by Denis Gordeev, so I'm not sure that these publishers will want to compete.:saddestthingintheworld  
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In case you get a positive venue from any options -publishers, self-publishing, ebooks, whatever- I'm interested.

Through, I may have to precise that I'm more interested in a book retelling the stronger tales of the Silmarillion in a narrative tone instead of the historian-like one Tolkien used. Something that would be to the Silmarilion what a child book would be to a real novel. If you get the idea...
In fact, something along the lines of what is being done there : silmarillionseries.wordpress.c…

But, now for an illustrated version of the classic Silmarilion with about one picture every 10 pages or more, that I wouldn't be as much into.
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Hoping that I don't sound too pesky, could you be so kind and share with me the photo of the model you based this art piece on? Am *very* intrigued to see that person, even if he posseses but a fraction of the beauty he has on your portrait!!! Pleeease!
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