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Earendil and Elwing

By steamey
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In F.A. 538 the remaining sons of Fëanor attacked the Havens of Sirion to reclaim the Silmaril in her possession. They captured Elwing's sons but as they came for her she cast herself into the Great Sea. Through the power of the Vala Ulmo, she took the form of a white bird and came to her husband in his ship Vingilótë with the Silmaril upon her breast.
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this is lovely! I always found the chapter of Earendil and Elwing's struggle very dramatic and I'm pleased you captured one of the more wistful moments of their story. I love the awe in the faces of her husband and his men, seeing the bird transform into his lovely wife amidst the raging seas. Clap 

Don't care what anyone says, these two had a great story. And you're a great artist. 
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WyzzelHobbyist General Artist
She looks SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful, the wings and light is stunning!
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An amazing work *3*
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So splendid. :)
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MriNiunStudent Artisan Crafter
Anyway you can offer to sell this for printout? Love it.
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Wow. Well. I can do it love)
3200x3800 px. - is it alright?
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Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. O.o This was one of my favorite stories from the Silmarillion! I loved the idea of a winged woman wearing a Silmaril. I could stare at this for hours. 
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Wow, thanks) I was just trying to depict the transformation process. Clearly imagine how she transformed from a man into a bird too
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Why not just give them the shiny rocks they want so bad? It's not like they do anything for you, they're just really pretty.
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we've never seen the most beautiful, heavenly rock in existence so its hard to judge what we would do. People do terrible things to each in this world just for money, sex and power in this world. So, thinking of that, Is it really so hard for you to understand the hold of the silmaril over Elves? 

Also, apparently you didn't read what Tolkien says about it. Tolkien says that Elwing and her people were beguiled by the silmaril, believing by all Beren and Luthien had suffered for that silmaril that it was now theirs and more then that, in their eyes it seemed to bring them comfort through their troubles so they were even more reluctant to give it up. (all mentioned in the chapter dedicated to Elwing and Earendil in the Silmarilion) Honestly, Elwing and her people are understandable, foolish maybe, but who are we to condemn? 
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And she left not only her people to die but also her own sons for said pretty rock. And what do the Valar? Save her. That's one of these moments in the Silmarillion where I get really angry.
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I know, right
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ErintiiHobbyist General Artist
Great picture of the worst mother in the Silmarilion series (OK, I know it had purpose, but I can't like woman who left children with murders in order to save the gem, even for the most precious one; just my opinion). I can see the joy in Earendil's face, he seem so happy so see his wife safe and alive.  I don't know why I consider Vingilótë as big ship, as you need probably pretty huge vehicle to sail to the edge of the world.
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oh don't be so hard on Elwing. War does terrible things to families, are all mothers who had to abandon their children because of war the worst now, to you? why are the ultimate judge? 
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Ok, I tried to portray the emotion of surprise at the time of the transformation of the girl into a human.
Umm... and yeah, someday I will draw a different version of this ship. Right now I wrapped up in "The Witcher" world.
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Lithe-AlluvionHobbyist General Artist
Ámazing, this is so beautiful :happybounce: Ty so much for drawing this moment!
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So perfect
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Thank you!
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whittingtonrhettHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm getting ready to start on a big Poster of Earendil and the War of Wrath.  It's one of the big Events from Tolkien's world that I've always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to.  so I'm pretty excited about it.  
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Oh, good luck then!
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whittingtonrhettHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I dunno if you remember but wayyyyy back in January here I messaged you on here about how I saw some of your Earendil and Elwing artwork and I said I was wanting to do a big Poster of the War of Wrath.  well, I just finished it tonight!  here is the link if you wanna check it out!…

I really love your artwork and style, and my style is really different from yours, but I really respect your opinion and artwork because  I think you are probably one of the best Tolkien artists I've seen on here.  but anyways just figured i would send ya the link!  

~Rhett :) 
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Hey! Yeah, I remember that moment).
And wooow! It's so detailed! I've always wanted to try to make a painting that combines multiple stories, or at least several angles.This is a real challenge.
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