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Death of the Lord of Nogrod

By steamey
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In Nogrod it was told that Dwarfs was slain in Doriath to cheat them of their reward and a host came forth from Nogrod and there was a great battle in Menegroth and the Nauglamír was once more stolen by Dwarfs. As they were heading back to Nogrod it game to knowledge of Beren and Lúthien what had happened. Beren and his son Dior gathered many of the Green-elves in Ossiriand and they ambushed the Dwarves at Sarn Athrad. Many Dwarves was slain here, but some escaped and fled against the Blue Mountains but as they climbed beneath Mount Dolmed, the Three-shepherds came forth and drove them into the woods of Ered Lindon from where none of them ever returned. In the battle of Sarn Athrad, Beren fought Naugladur the lord of Nogrod and wristet the Necklace from him. Beren brought it to Lúthien in memory of her father and mother who was no more ( Melian had left Arda in sorrow of the death of Thingol ) and for some time Tol Galen and the Land of the Dead that Live, was a vision of the beauty and glory of the realm of Valinor
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TwiggyStoneProfessional Filmographer
All of your pictures are so amazing :heart:
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Very cool! I love the way you've captured this moment.
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Берен хороший, нравится, сюжет интересный, по поводу волос лучше вообще не париться...
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Да,по ссылке из предыдущего поста целый научный консилиум развернули..
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ну, такие консилиумы эт всегда немного странновато на мой вкус,,,.)
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Арт прекрасен, но вот здесь… развернулось обсуждение по его содержанию: были ли в войске Берена Люди, был ли Берен блондином. Канон и всё прочее. По мне так после Тумбы с афровариациями Берен - блондин не задевает. Но "народ волнуется".
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Ух ты.Не ожидала,что кого-то это так заденет.И почему там рисунок такой высветленный?Выглядит жутко.
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О-о-о, великолепно I think I've fainted.  И опять незаезженный сюжет, что меня всегда радует в ваших работах Love 
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This was an interesting choice of scene, and I don't think I've seen it done before. I see you are back to chiarusco again, with twilight and Silmaril light sandwiching the active characters in the scene. Beren's mixed emotions at once again holding the Silmaril he once lost a hand over obtaining adds some depth to the composition. 
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Gorgeous. A forgotten scene, but so powerful.
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Thank you)
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Amazing scene ! :la:
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