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Death of Thingol

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Thingol thought to place the Silmaril into the Necklace, and hired the Dwarves of Nogrod to do so. The Dwarven craftsmen also coveted the jewel and seeing that it was by their skill that the piece was made, saw no reason to give it up willingly. Thingol became enraged declaring that he was of the first Eldar to set off on The Great Journey and that they were guests in his realm. When he tried to take it from the Dwarves they slew him. This set off a chain of events leading to the destruction of Doriath and the scattering of its people. After Thingol's death Melian, who remained in Middle-earth by binding her spirit to that of her husband, chose to forsake her body and return to Aman as a Maia, removing the power which once protected it, leaving Doriath vulnerable to attack from without.
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so powerful! love it!

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I generally dislike Thingol but here, I feel deeply sorry that it ended this way and his face is still pretty heart-breaking. Even though he did bring it on himself, it was a cruel way to die. :( (Sad) 
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ChronoGandit Photographer
Silmarillion in a nutshell. Very well illustrated! How about a Fëanorean attack upon and sacking of Nogrod illustration or three?
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I am up for it! But I need free time.
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EEHillsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wasn't Thingol alone at the time? Meaning the guards wouldn't be in there until after Thingol was on the ground dead or dying?

Impressive level of detail, and a very dramatic scene.
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Thanks. I didn't have time to re-read this passage. I drew on old sketches.
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Best depiction of this scene yet, and I'd be surprised if anything trumps it for a long time, if ever. The only thing I could remark upon is the crown, which looks like something humans would forge rather than something intricate elvish craftspiece.

Battle scenes, lightplay from the Silmaril, facial expressions, the dwarf picking up the necklace with a bloody sword in the other hand. This painting speaks of volumes of the strong undercurrents of malicious greed in Tolkien's world, especially the Silmarillion.
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Oh, crown... the details is my weak point.
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TigerEstoqueHobbyist General Artist
Say what you want but the amount shit that was fucked up in Middle Earth by the Eldar, Vaels and later Elbs is just beyond reason.
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Well ... they were kind of teenagers. And teenagers tend to make mistakes.
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EllethOfMossflowerHobbyist Writer
Before seeing this picture, I never really thought of it as an all-out battle, but it really makes complete sense. Such an amazing - and sad - picture.
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And how you imagined this scene?
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EllethOfMossflowerHobbyist Writer
No, I didn't actually think of it this way at first, but now I do. :)
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All your works are impressive,great talent!
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Thank you,dear)
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Who knew how this moment would effect the two races for centuries to come. Really well done!
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Yeah... they blundered.
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Amazing work again.
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Hope so)
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FiveElemenetsHobbyist Traditional Artist
love this!
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Great picture ! Love the details and the perspective.
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