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Then Ar-Pharazon hardened his heart, and he went aboard his mighty ship, Alcarondas, Castle of the Sea. Manyoared it was and many-masted, golden and sable; and upon it the throne of Ar-Pharazon was set. Then he did on his panoply and his crown, and let raise his standard, and he gave the signal for the raising of the anchors; and in that hour the trumpets of Numenor outrang the thunder.Thus the fleets of the Numenoreans moved against the menace of the West; and there was little wind, but they had many oars and many strong slaves to row beneath the lash. The sun went down, and there came a great silence.
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You'd think he would've caught on after Sauron told him Morgoth worship would make him immortal and it did nothing.

Because the evil angel you humiliated and imprisoned surely has nothing but your best interests at heart, right?