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The Adventure Continues - Henry Sees Red


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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Of Darkness and Light

Written by Serena- Leo Harper and @steamdiesel DISCLAIMER: The following events are not canon to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and as such, take place in an alternate timeline where the people of the terrorist group called Torna have died by unknown means way before Rex was born.  Some minor spoilers for XC2 might be referenced.  Thank you, and enjoy. Prologue: The Silver Mask Part 1: The Mask in the Garden (The story begins on the Titan Leftheria, in a little village of Fonsett and a girl of cyan hair, light blue eyes wearing a purple shirt, blue jeans and brown boots and has a white rose on her head  as she’s holding a basket and she’s on her way to the Leftherian flower fields.) (And this girl’s name is Serena Blueflower and she was no ordinary girl but was rather… colourful in her own way) Serena: *founds some roses and picks them into her basket* I bet my bouquets are going to be a hit to earn enough money for the library, It is flower season after all. (Later on Serena found

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Saga

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Meeting of two Frisk

The Monster That Time Forgot Fanart

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Creative Wind ( Gift )

Me and my OCs

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Pufworld: Creator


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This is yours Percy

The Search For Percy

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Daze (MLP My Little Pony oc)


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Two Celestias One Solar


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You Like Her Rok Ko

My Friends and Others

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Big T

Pony Codes

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How to Switch without Toggle - Eclipse and Back

How to Switch to Eclipse and Back without the Toggle Edit (April 22, 2020) : It was announced today (through email and header updates) that New DeviantArt (Eclipse version) will launch around May 20th, 2020. When everyone migrates to the New DeviantArt, the toggle/switch will not be around and will not work as everyone will be in the new DeviantArt version. Around May 20th, all deviants will gain access to the new version of DeviantArt! The old version of the site will be retired. Read More Here: New DeviantArt Launch: Late May If you think your Toggle won't work or disappeared and would like to try Eclipse or switch back from Eclipse:


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Dark Bat Ponies Story Final

Dark Bat Ponies

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North Western Railway Adventures S1

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North Western Railway Adventures S2

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North Western Railway Adventures- THE MOVIE

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North Western Railway Adventures S3

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Me As A Wolf

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Locomotives and Legends- by Wildnorwester

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Cave Background


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TAF - NWRA Special 2 Chapter 4

Thomas & Friends – North Western Railway Adventures Special 2: The Ghosts of the North Western Written by Cameron Stevens Based on the Railway Series by the Reverend W. Awdry and the Television Series by Britt Allcroft CHAPTER FOUR: The Ghost of Cronk Viaduct Cronk Viaduct is one of the oldest structures on the North Western Railway. Every day and every year, the Fat Controller’s engines would cross the viaduct everyday as their only means of ascension to get to their destinations on time. It had served its purpose for a real long time now and age was taking its toll. It had been in its repair once before and now it could be

The Ghosts of the North Western

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Cloakhead has something to say...

Finding Ghosty

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Thomas Front View(Edited)

Edited Sprite Attempts

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'I Am Nothing'


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The Toa- 194- Conversion


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Transformers Animated - Soundwave


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Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark

Mane 6 Cutie Marks

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TPT- The autobots of Sodor chapter 1 part 2

The Autobots of Sodor

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Happy Birthday Ben and Carlie 2018

Birthday Gifts From My Friends

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Ty Lee redraw


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Hairstyle Princess Linda

Princess Linda

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Base: Pulling down ya' Jersey bc embarrassed or so

Pretty Girl Bases

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FNAF: Pizza


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Spiderman Fan Art


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Rock Farm

Marble Pie

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Farewell Reminiscence (Thank You)

Undertale- Reminiscence

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The Legend of Zelda

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Neo and Ruby wedgie Commission


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Aelwen and Gerel

Dragon Queen

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'Denial' (BATIM) (Ink Demonth 2020)

Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Just Nayeera, OK


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