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3D abstract tentacle tutorial

By SteaM10
Tutorial on how to make tentacles like this in the image using cinema 4D ;)

:+fav: if you like it :)
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where is the tutorial ?
how can i download
very good! thanks for sharing it:)
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Superb  art..
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Can't play the video when downloaded :l Somethings wrong
Attempting this tut and on the video from 1:20 to 1:27 I'm lost. There is no audio on the downloaded movie.
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really nice tutorial, mate!

but, I would like to know how did you make the preview image? how did you place all those tentacles like that?

pls reply :D
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Thanx a lot!

Just make your tentacles and then use some deformers (twist, bend etc.) and make the shape you want to render ;)
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Amazing job dude, thanks for the tutorial.
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Do you have that Tutorial?
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check in the right of your screen for the download button ;)
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great work!!!
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Thank you for going out of your way to give us a tutorial it is greatly appreciated...:)
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Np m8 :)
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Thank you!..:)
typical windows users to RAR a file. BAD
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Typical Hipster ^^
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Hey StarFOXu , I added a comment just to respond to YOUR negative comment first.
I checked your deviant page,and there's NOTHING on it. yep , f&*&# empty. SteaM10 took the time to make this piece ( i love the highlights and suggestive 'center' of the image AND the quality). I was saying..yeah, he took time to make a tutorial, he put it up, and SHARED it with everyone here. Your attitude is not only immature, but very sad and shouldn't be here. ''just my honest critique'' . WOW. do you kNOW what critique MEANS?!
it would've been different if you suggested a ''change of color'' ,a different shape, or SOMETHING, but all you did was piss on his work and leave.
your comment irritates me. a lot. '' good luck with your future work'' , I wish YOU luck with even starting any work at all.

SteaM10: Thank you for the tutorial, keep it up
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that dude was just trolling
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Thanx a lot.. I dont mind about everything! Leave the noob alone ;)
doesnt look very nice , nothing special sorry just my honest critique. Good luck with your future work
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