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LEWDING CANDY IS NOT DANDY by Steam-Powered-Cyborg LEWDING CANDY IS NOT DANDY :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 9 0 Richard Patrick Crovan by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Richard Patrick Crovan :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 3 0 Frankie the Electric Engine by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Frankie the Electric Engine :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 9 3 Fleur the Sarcastic Engine by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Fleur the Sarcastic Engine :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 9 0 Rev. W. Awdry Trainsona by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Rev. W. Awdry Trainsona :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 13 2
Thomas Rewritten #5 Play Time
Play Time
Based on the season 13 episode with the same name
Written by Christopher O’Shea
Every young engine loves to have fun at their jobs, even the bigger engines like to play a game when there’s nothing to do. But there was one engine who didn’t know when enough was enough.
Charlie is a purple shunting engine at Knapford. He usually keeps out of harms way, unlike how he did on his first week…
The only shunters at the time were Thomas, another blue tank engine called David and a dark green saddle tank named Caleb. They found life quite fun in their own little yard.
But one day, Gordon thought he’d bring them down a peg.
“Guess what lads? A new tank engine is on the island. The engines on the mainland that he is the most fun engine ever. He pulls the best jokes around and he doesn’t need the help of two mindless lackeys to do it.”
“He’s referring to you two.” David whi
:iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 2 8
Thomas Rewritten #4 The Steam Crane
The Steam Crane
Based on the season 10 episode 'Edward Strikes Out'.
Written by Christopher O'Shea.

Judy and Jerome are the breakdown cranes of Sodor. They are strong, determined, cooperative and very trustworthy. But in recent months, they have been having some major mechanical issues.
"You're showing signs of your age." said the Fat Controller "You did very well to keep working for this long, but it is clear that you need some help."
And so next week, a new crane was brought to the docks. It was gigantic and red and it had a small funnel.
"This is a steam crane." the Fat Controller explained "Its crane arm is powered by steam, so it can lift much larger things at a time."
"That crane is literally a piston-less Harvey!" claimed Gordon "Its massive cab will only get in the way!"
Judy and Jerome had to agree with Gordon.
"What a new fangled nonsense!" said Gordon.
"What's that?" asked Judy.
"A new fangled nonsense" said Gordon "Is something new that was
:iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 1 1
Ladies Night by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Ladies Night :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 9 3
Steam Powered Cyborg Character Profile
TITLE: Steam Powered Cyborg
• Thneedville Joint Railway
OCCUPATION: Non-profit Track maintenance, Odd-jobs
YEARS ACTIVE: 1998-onwards
BASIS: BR Standard 4MT Tank
GAUGE: 4'8½" (1,435 mm; narrow gauge) 
VEHICLE: Locomotive 
TOP SPEED: 90 mph 
   • Robert A. Riddles (body)
• Hamilton Murphy (arms feature)
LIVERY: BR Black (with his designer’s family crest) 
• Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway (formerly)
• Thneedville Joint Railway
• Hamilton Murphy (father)
• Austin Maher (L&HR chairman)
• Sir Stingy Coin (TJR chairman) 
SPC was built as a steam locom
:iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 3 0
SPC's Waifu/Husbando Chart by Steam-Powered-Cyborg SPC's Waifu/Husbando Chart :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 15 8 Henry, Gordon, James and Molly in Real Liveries by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Henry, Gordon, James and Molly in Real Liveries :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 21 3 The Adventures Of The Purple Shunter Sketches by Steam-Powered-Cyborg The Adventures Of The Purple Shunter Sketches :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 11 6 Thomas and Friends Sketches by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Thomas and Friends Sketches :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 13 9 Sally the Electric Engine by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Sally the Electric Engine :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 20 4 Murdoch's Knapford Express by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Murdoch's Knapford Express :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 18 7 Liz the Magical Engine (Liz 3 Years Anniversary) by Steam-Powered-Cyborg Liz the Magical Engine (Liz 3 Years Anniversary) :iconsteam-powered-cyborg:Steam-Powered-Cyborg 18 3

Random Favourites

The Green Haired One
The Flynn-Fletcher family drove their car up to the front of a very stylized and impressive looking building and all of them got out of the car. All five members of the family were wearing very fancy clothing. A young valet motioned for the keys to the car to which Lawrence gave them.
"Well everyone, here we are, the 3rd Annual Antique Awards!" Lawrence proclaimed.
"Do you think you'll win best store in the tri-state area this year hon?" Linda asked Lawrence.
"Well hopefully or at least I'll win one award. After all who knows, they may be generous to me and give me at least one I've been thinking for the past three years." Lawrence sighed as Candace led her dad inside the building.
Linda held Phineas and Ferb aside for a moment.
"Boys listen, winning at least one award would mean the world to him. So even though I know, Candace will not be the least bit pleased about this, could you make the opening for the award show? I'll arrange everything up." Linda asked her sons.
:iconhistoryisawesomeguy:HistoryisAwesomeGuy 5 1
Lady as a diesel by SynthaRoboto Lady as a diesel :iconsyntharoboto:SynthaRoboto 16 7 Mystery Twins by Doodley Mystery Twins :icondoodley:Doodley 186 29 Toonagram #9 by Doodley Toonagram #9 :icondoodley:Doodley 202 14 A Shine for Isabelle Tredwell by ArthurT2015 A Shine for Isabelle Tredwell :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 132 29 Shine for Jessica Rose by ArthurT2015 Shine for Jessica Rose :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 63 14 Adarvez Stroll series 3 by ArthurT2015 Adarvez Stroll series 3 :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 174 74 A Shine for Queen Maddie by ArthurT2015 A Shine for Queen Maddie :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 192 68 Shine for Katy Adarvez by ArthurT2015 Shine for Katy Adarvez :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 74 31 Maddie Adarvez POV by ArthurT2015 Maddie Adarvez POV :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 109 53 characters by SomeDoodNamedJack characters :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 103 27 The Infinite Doctor by PaulHanley The Infinite Doctor :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 1,378 255 title by SomeDoodNamedJack title :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 73 22 rickety mortz by SomeDoodNamedJack rickety mortz :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 100 14 Gaaaassspp by SomeDoodNamedJack Gaaaassspp :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 94 39 Duncan - Complete (again!) by wildnorwester Duncan - Complete (again!) :iconwildnorwester:wildnorwester 71 28




Steam-Powered-Cyborg's Profile Picture
None of your business
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Good whatever time of day it is, I am Christopher O'Shea a.k.a. SPC (Steam Powered Cyborg) or just Cyborg.

I am a traditional artist but I also find myself doing screenshot edits which you might find on occasion on my Twitter, so don't worry I'm not one of those people. ;) That said, this editing can be found in some shitposting which can be found on here on a rare occasion.

I consider myself an optimist who likes to see the best in everyone. Art is a hobby I quite love but my main career option is teaching assistant in a primary school for children with learning difficulties. My other hobbies include walking, swimming, railway modelling, customising Thomas merchandise and occasionally voice acting in fan made projects.

I'm also a fanfic writer for several of my fandoms. But I've mostly been working on my 'Thomas and Friends' fanfics dubbed 'Thomas Rewritten', a series of fix-fics which aim to right the wrongs of what many consider the dark age of the show. I collaborate with a couple of my friends on some episodes and each episode written by me will be posted in written form on here while all episodes are posted in the form of audiobook on Youtube and Soundcloud.


Thomas The Tank Engine Stamp by laprasking
I Heart James Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Emily Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Mavis Stamp by Percyfan94 Skarloey Stamp by Percyfan94 TTTE - Paxton Stamp by Percyfan94 Flying Scotsman Stamp by BlueEngineLiz6 Blue Mountain Mystery Stamp by KitKat37 Tale of the Brave by KitKat37 Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure by KitKat37 King of the Railway by KitKat37 The Adventure Begins by KitKat37 The Great Discovery 1 by KitKat37 Reverend Wilbert Awdry Fan Stamp by Wildcat1999

Favourite fan series:
The Railways of Sodor Fan Stamp by DaSlickstanator T1E2H3 Fan Stamp by Wildcat1999 Adventures on Sodor Fan Stamp by DaSlickstanator Enterprising Engines Stamp by CaseyBNSFTrains

Phineas and Ferb by impersonalinfo Milo Murphy's Law Stamp - Alternative by MiloMurphy
Phineas Stamp by L-mon Ferb Stamp by L-mon Candace Stamp by L-mon Baljeet Stamp by L-mon Stacy Stamp by L-mon Parallel Candace Flynn Stamp by dA--bogeyman PnF - Phinbella Stamp by sam-ely-ember PnF: Montessa Stamp by heeyjayp17 Summer Belongs to you - Stamp by sam-ely-ember Dancing Ferb by Aletheiia90 Doof - nom nom nom by vivianit11 Milo Murphy Stamp by MiloMurphy Melissa Chase Stamp by MiloMurphy Zack Underwood Stamp by MiloMurphy Diogee Stamp by MiloMurphy Sara Murphy Stamp by MiloMurphy Vinnie Dakota Stamp by MiloMurphy Balthazar Cavendish Stamp by MiloMurphy Brigette Murphy Stamp by MiloMurphy Veronica Stamp by MiloMurphy

Gravity Falls by UsagiGami

Tangled: The Series by CaseyJewels Tangled by Nyx601
I See The Light - Stamp by AshPnX Rapunzel by CaseyJewels Cass by CaseyJewels Eugene by CaseyJewels Varian by CaseyJewels

Tugs Stamp by Bladez636

Veggietales by AchooMooMoo


Other Social Media
So one of the things I'm planning for 'Thomas Rewritten' is having characters from :iconsplatterpatter64:'s series 'The Adventures of the Purple Shunter and numpty pootis 8012's series 'Thneedville Joint Adventures' be a part of the universe. I felt like this would give the series a well structured connection to the Magic Railway. Of course there are going to be some differences between the fleet of engines on Arlenville (the setting for TAOTPS) and Thneedville are going to be pretty different. So here's a list of alterations I've made.

- Arlenville and Thneedville are merged in a way (explained in the third bullet point after) as I didn't want the connection to the 2011 movie 'The Lorax' of which this town (country in TJA) originated.

- Arlenville is located south west of Misty Island, west of Portugal.

- Meme Stealer is a different engine to BoCo altogether and his name is Mal.

- Some Thneedville locations are on Arlenville (Arlenville's repair yard, Tricket and its sheds, Crusty Crew sheds, Bigg City, Crabbin' docks, Mal's lair are here and the Thneedville and Arlenville scrapyards are merged).

- The city of Boxford in 'Thomas and Friends', as well as the summer house as seen in 'Hiro of the Rails' onwards, are here as well.

- SPC is not canon.

- Jay Burnell is an occasional singer who performs in concerts in the late Summer.

- Clarence has no affiliation to Sodor.

- Don Handel is named Mort.

- Lord Harry is a different character to Lord Harry and is called Keiser.

- Chuggington, Billy's Bizzare Adventures, The Lorax, Lazytown, Underground Ernie and Murdo's Autistic Adventures are not canon but Murdo and Mr Paul are canon characters. Mr. Paul is a road train from a seaside railway used as mr Hill's car. Flash Sentry is Miss Sunhatt's car.

- Diesel 10 was transferred to Arlenville in 2015.

- Forth wall breaks, all train sex, episodes of TAOTPS before episode 69 are not canon.

- Narrow gauge engines will travel to Arlenville via flatbed instead of long narrow gauge lines. The Culdee Fell engines will be replaced by the SR main line engines in the timeline. Godrej will be replaced by Bertram Topham Hatt the double farlie.

- Suicidal Stepney's role in the series is replaced with Chester. He was transferred to Arlenville after the events of King of the Railway and made into a replica of Stepney himself.

- Both series' take place in date of the episodes' release.

- Engine Alert consist sof Craig, Monika, Boris (in place of Oliver), Garnet (in place of Duck), Thneedville's police engines (Harry and Barney in place of Charlie and Toby). They work in association with the Sodor Search and Rescue team in spite of the engines' rivalry that the human managers of each team try to control.

 Foetus Dab is called Big Dipper and Sargent Tom and Big Dipper take the role of Donald and Douglas respectively in this alternate timeline.

- The Thneedivlle Joint Railway (in this series called Tinglebottom but due to how vulgar a name it sounded, it's just referred to be its abbreviation) and Hank Hill Railway were once rival companies but in 2015, the two companies merged through the 2015 Grouping Act.

- Now the two railways are merged, Sir Stingy Coin is the main controller of the railway, Mr Hill becomes director of transport, Miss Sunhatt owned the small narrow gauge railway where Pedo Sam, Mort, Wolf and Jiji worked until the engines were converted to standard gauge, then she became shed manager of the Sissy Shack and Crusty Crew depot and Mr Stricklyn is Sir Stingy's secretary.

- Flying Fag is called Ouranos (after the Greek God of the heavens)

- Don Handel is named Mort.

- Lord Harry is called Keiser and is a separate character to Sodor’s Lord Harry.

- Meme Stealer is a different engine altogether to BoCo and is called Mal.

- Nia’s period of getting possessed by Sharon Miller follows the same events ala Greyfrield Invasion except Nia’s role is taken by the Scrap Monster from ‘Tale of the Brave’ and instead of Miller possessing Nia, Diesel 10 ends up sending the scrap monster with him on the event where Pinchy came to life so the Scrap Monster came to life too and through the power of gold dust, he slowly made it to Arlenville to achieve the goal Nia did.

- As he passed more sources of magic, he became stronger and more intelligent to the point where he can use his crane like how Nia used her tentacles in Greyfield Invasion.

- Narrow gauge engines will travel to Arlenville via flatbed instead of long narrow gauge lines. The Culdee Fell engines will be replaced by the SR main line engines in the timeline. Godred will be replaced by Bertram Topham Hatt the double farlie from the Skarloey Railway main line.


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