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My name is not Crash!

Did you like the episode Newbie Dash? I did, but I also think it could have been a lot better. It's probably one of those episodes that has to grow on you.
This vector drawing started life as a quick sketch to practice some facial expressions. I thought it was very fitting for Dashie though, so continued to alter and redraw bits of it until I thought it was ready. It took me a lot of time to get there, but I like the result. And I hope you do too.

At first I wanted to put the text "My name is not Crash!" in the top part of the drawing, but I like the wordless version better.

Edit: fixed an error thanks to the eagle eyed feedback from the MLP Vector Club. Thanks!

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She should have a scrunch face! X3
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There should be a fanfiction where Dash decides to quit the Wonderbolts. 
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My fanfiction may not have that, but it did have them beaten to a pulp by a certain someone.  They've had it coming for a long time.
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Only Soarin truly deserved it. The rest of the Wonderbolts were brainwashed.

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