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Advanced Heroica (LEGO) - 04



I instanly fell in love with LEGO's "Heroica" product-range. The Idea of combining LEGO-bricks with RPG-elements brilliant - the only negative aspect for me was, that it was intended for small kids. So I decided to do a more advanced "grown-up" version of the game with mor focus on the Roleplaying-part. We already played it several times and improved the balancing. It's not finished yet, but I'll release the rules if anyone is interested in them...

Here's a close-up of the "Inventory" (where you see your heroe's current equipment like weapons, armor, ammunition, potions, keys,etc.) and the "Hero-profile" (where you're able to keep count of the lives, mana and stamina of your character).


Please vote for my project on LEGO Ideas:
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Are those rules finished yet?
I would love to see them as I'm making a similar LEGO RPG but the rules (especially the cards) need some work!
Also, what site did you use to make the cards?
By the way I supported and followed this on LEGO Ideas as Aragorn_is_Awesome ;)
good luck on future projects,