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Advanced Heroica (LEGO) - 03



I instanly fell in love with LEGO's "Heroica" product-range. The Idea of combining LEGO-bricks with RPG-elements brilliant - the only negative aspect for me was, that it was intended for small kids. So I decided to do a more advanced "grown-up" version of the game with mor focus on the Roleplaying-part. We already played it several times and improved the balancing. It's not finished yet, but I'll release the rules if anyone is interested in them...

On the left side you can see the Hero-profiles (where you're able to keep count of the lives, mana and stamina of your character) and on the left side the Inventory (where you see your heroe's current equipment like weapons, armor, ammunition, potions, keys,etc.). On the bottom of the picture you see some of the (at the moment) available equipment.


Please vote for my project on LEGO Ideas:
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Are those rules finished yet?
I would love to see them as I'm making a similar LEGO RPG but the rules (especially the cards) need some work!
Also, what site did you use to make the cards?
By the way I supported and followed this on LEGO Ideas as Aragorn_is_Awesome ;)
good luck on future projects,